Apps for Cats: Make it Enjoyable with Your Pets Update 2021

Apps for cats: We already talked in its day about apps for dogs, because we love pets. However, we know that the world is divided between dog lovers and feline lovers, and that is why we bring you today the best apps and games for cats.

Is your cat bored and you no longer know how to entertain him? Try these cat apps, apkregion we make a list of the best apps for cats.

Apps for cat: play around the clock

Funny Animal Videos for Android

Whether you are looking for a game for cats, or if you want to watch funny videos of kittens, this is your app. Of course, this application does not only have feline videos: in fact, it is a compilation of the best YouTube animal videos.

Thus, you can enjoy videos with puppies, dogs, ducks, pandas or any cute and funny little animal you can imagine. You can share the videos directly on Facebook or other social networks, and you can also mark the ones you like the most as favorites.

It even allows you to browse videos so your pet can see others meow or a rodent running across the screen. Start your day with a smile!

Pocket Pond 2

Although in the previous app you can find videos of fish swimming for cats, in Pocket Pond 2 you will have an authentic Japanese pond on your screen . This means that your cat will be able to play with fish (koi carp, in fact), frogs, goldfinches or turtles, among others.

What’s more, this game is made for people: you can send and receive new Koi carp, collect rare breeds, visit your friends’ pond, and feed your pets. The game is very interactive – the fish responds to the touch of your fingers – and you don’t even have to be online for your cat to play.

In the free version, there is no ad, which is fully enjoyable. You can play on your Android tablet or phone, and also on iPhone. In addition, there is an HD version of Pocket Pond 2 for iPad that you cannot pass up: its graphics are amazing.

Neko Atsume

We all know that the Japanese adore these little animals. You could say it’s an obsession: Hello Kitty, the lucky ones (manekineko), Maru (watch it on YouTube), the cat bars in Tokyo … And now it’s up to Neko Atsume, the online cat game that is spreading throughout all the world.

Neko Atsume means something like “choose the cat . ” And that’s basically what the game is about: you have to place sweets and snacks in your virtual patio and wait for the felines of the neighborhood to come. You can collect up to 40 different breeds of kittens and become the ultimate collector.

Give them more food, take photos of your pets, make your own photo albums … enjoy your kitties online. It is super addictive!

Cat game “Catch the mouse”

For less than 1 euro you have hours and hours of entertainment for your kitten. As its name suggests, it is a mouse running across the screen of your iOS device. That is why we recommend playing on iPad , since your animal’s legs will have more space for movement on a larger screen.

It also has realistic sounds and has a point table that will tell you (owner and pet) how many times the mouse has been caught.

Simple but effective. Tested by the same developer!

Game for Cats (iOS) and Tap Tap Cat (Android)

Our tablets are the ideal devices for our meowing friends. The large screen allows them to enjoy the games designed for them much more. So, we have chosen two cat games that play much better on Android tablets and iPad:

  • Game for Cats : this is an “interspecies” game for iOS users that will make your animal go crazy every time he sees the electronic device. It is probably one of the best video games for cats ever made : it has a controllable laser pointer, mouse trapping game, difficulty levels … you have entertainment for hours.
  • Tap Tap Cat : it is an app designed down to the smallest detail that allows your favorite pet to play for hours. You have the Glow Mouse to chase, the Space Points ( laser pointer ) and the Cheese World . For them exciting, for us a bit boring. Update 2021: The app is no longer available on Google Play.

Think that both games are designed for our furry friends. Choose your operating system and have fun with them!

Cat Around the World 2

If, on the contrary, you are looking for free kitten games for children , Cat Around The World 2 is the answer. You just have to go to the official website (we leave it under the image) and you can choose the country, continent or part of the world to discover.

The game loads very fast and its operation is quite simple: feed your virtual pet through the different levels. Make him eat hamburgers if you are in the United States, or a plate of sushi if you are in Japanese lands.

Super entertaining and fun.

These are, in our opinion, the best apps for cats. Do you know any other? Do you recommend other games for us? We are waiting for you in the comments!


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