Apps for Dogs: The Best Apps for Your Pet Update 2021

Apps for dogs: Do you have a dog and want to take care of your dogs with the latest invention and want to know the application made for your beloved pets, then this is the best place to find the appropriate one easily.

As you well know, the dog is man’s best friend. He is a life partner who follows us wherever we go and whose fidelity is unquestionable. Now, he also requires a series of care to be in good physical and mental health. To achieve this goal, apps for dogs are the definitive solution.

That is why today, in apkregion, we have prepared a compilation with the best applications for dogs of 2021. All the best-rated utilities and tools on both Android and iOS so that our furry friends have everything they deserve.

We love animals and everything related to them. For this reason, we offer you a series of alternatives for the well-being of your dog and that of all those who are looking for a new home.

Are you interested? Stay a few minutes and discover the dog apps that you cannot miss on your smartphone.

Apps for dogs Android and iOS

Both in the App Store and in Google Play you will find a wide variety of dog apps: control and training, to scare away, to identify the breed, to find lost dogs, adoption platforms, canine humor applications, etc. Do you want to know them? We will talk about all of them below. Keep reading!

Bark and mad

It is the highest-rated app among iPhone users in terms of training and tricks for dogs. All Bark Machine tips and photos are taken from the dog training books ” Maran Illustrated Dog Training ” and ” Maran Illustrated Puppies “. Both have been supervised and approved by professional trainers who are members of the American Professional Trainers Association.

It is also possible to combine these tips and tricks with a series of complementary sounds, such as: cat meowing, barking, doorbell, fire truck, rubber toys, or dog whistle. Have fun for hours while you teach him a few tricks to impress the whole family!

The app is paid and exclusive for iOS.

Rover: dog sitters

Don’t you have someone to leave your dog or cat with during your holidays? And it is that although we want to take our pet with us, we do not always find hotels that accept them. In some cases, it may even involve a quarantine.

Rover responds to your needs by offering a care service for dogs and other pets. You can choose to have them come to your house (and to feed him, take him out for a walk and be aware of him) or look for a nursery .

The app service is available in Spain. In fact, the platform has dog sitters across Europe, the United States, and Canada. You will only have to search by zip code or city.

On the other hand, payments are made from the same application. Instantly confirm that your dog will be in good hands!

uPet: the social network for pets

uPet is a social network that will help you connect and socialize with other people with pets. In it, your dog will be part of a community of more than 1 million owners and their respective pets : cats, other dogs, rodents, reptiles … and much more!

To enjoy all its functions, first create an account with your pet’s data and a photograph . Then you can talk with other owners, make your own publications and even contact adoption organizations and entities. Likewise, you will have a virtual booklet containing information related to their visits to the vet, their vaccinations, etc.

The app is exclusive to Android and its download is free. In short, the social network for dogs is here!

Dog Breeds Quiz

Do you think you know all the dog breeds in the world? What if we put you to the test? This application is not so much for dogs, but rather for their owners. A perfect game for lovers and passionate of these animals

“Dog breeds Quiz” works like other similar applications and games: the image of the animal in question appears and below it are blank boxes and random letters. With some of these letters we will be able to guess what breed the dog in the photo is of.

It is perfect to have a good time and, at the same time, expand doggy knowledge. To enjoy!

Encyclopedia of dog care: essential

As its name suggests, it is a kind of manual of first aid and basic care for our animal. It covers all stages of life, from when they are puppies.

Some of the most interesting points that we will find are:

  • Food : basic routines.
  • Training: exercises to keep you in shape.
  • Health:  how to detect diseases and conditions and also to cure them. Both basic first aid and urgent matters of life and death.

The app can be synchronized with Google Calendar. This way you will be up to date with the appointments with the vet or when the medication is due, for example. No matter your puppy’s age or breed, the app has it all!

Dogo: your dog’s favorite app

Do you want to train your dog with a fun and varied training? Then you are interested in Dogo. This app offers you everything you need for your pet to have a great time while learning new skills. To do this, you have a library with more than 100 tricks and commands. That and the help of professional dog trainers who will guide you through the entire process.

Dogo training has two purposes: mental stimulation and positive reinforcement. In this sense, it has a tool called «Clicker», which will emit a sound signal every time your dog achieves a goal. You will be able to videotape all the progress of your puppy and send it to be evaluated by the trainers. If all goes well, you will even receive a diploma for their achievements!

Train your dog: the app to train your pet

If you are looking for an alternative to the previous dog app, Train Your Dog is one of the best to train your puppy. It has a series of lessons arranged by theme (basic training, hygiene, communication …) to choose the most convenient for your pet.

The best thing is that it is designed for dogs of all ages and breeds . You will enjoy a wide variety of training courses and more than 500 video tutorials in Spanish . Your dog will learn in a fun and effective way. And if you miss something, ask its developers. In short, a very interesting and completely free app for pets .

DIG: the Tinder for dog lovers

If you want to share your passion for dogs with other people, Dig is what you are looking for. Its operation is very similar to Tinder, although in this case the protagonist is your pet. Apart from your data, your profile will contain photos and a broad description of your dog . It will be your letter of introduction in the community.

And how does the matchmaking system work? First, choose if you want someone with or without a dog and the size of the animal. The app will show you 5 potential dates each day. And when two people are interested in each other, the famous “match” will take place. Dig will put you in touch in their chat area and suggest the best places to meet your pets. Will it be the beginning of a new friendship? Or maybe something else? Only time will tell.

Now you know the best apps for your dogs ,if you have some more names and recommendations then feel free to comment below,i will update the list of best apps for dogs.

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