Best Hair Color Changing Apps Update 2021

There are many applications for editing photos, but some require technical and photography knowledge that most users do not have. And that is the reason why there are different applications to make the changes that we require in a simple way.

One of the most widely used photo edits is the one that changes the hair style. Do you know that there are multiple apps to change hair color? In addition, regardless of whether you have a mobile with an Android operating system or if you have an iPhone in your hands.

We show you the best applications to change hair color, with all the details of each of them. Your photos will have a unique look from now on!

Best applications to change hair color with your mobile

You need not use the method of ” trial and error ” for the next time you need an app to change hair color. With the options that we show you below, you will be able to choose the application that changes the hair color that best suits your devices and what you need. Let’s go with the analysis!

Fabby Look, hair color changer

Fabby Look is a free hair color change app, available for Android and iPhone . It is an app with which you can try different hairstyles , including the most modern and colorful ones.

Experiment in real time, trying again and again the hair color changes that you like the most, and benefit from the free assistance offered by the application . Share the results right away on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more social networks!

And what technical requirements does your mobile need to download the app to change hair color? On Android , you will need to have version 5.0 or later and an available space of 36 MB. On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, i OS version 9.0 or later, and 66.5 MB of space.

Change Hair Color App

With this app to change hair color you will have a virtual hairdresser in the palm of your hand with just your mobile. Experiment with different cuts, colors and hairstyles so that every day you can look different and beautiful.

The application gives you the option to edit your look very easily, and you will create completely original looks that you can instantly share with your friends on social networks. You can even show off your favorite style at your favorite salon to have it left that way!

This application is available for Android, in its versions 5.0 and later. It will take up very little space, just 3.3 MB.

Hair color changer

This mobile app is a hair color changer and haircut simulator in one app . With options for men and women, you can try all the changes you want. Use the face detection option! It is programmed to help you choose the style that best suits your characteristics.

This app is available for iOS 10.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and in this operating system it occupies 183.4 MB. Requires a paid subscription of $ 1.99 per month, $ 3.99 quarterly, or just $ 8.99 annually.

You can get it on Android for versions 4.4 and later, with a size of 54 MB.

Real changer hair color

Discover this app to change hair color in a real and natural way! Its use is very simple. Upload your favorite photo to the application and try each of the more than 40 possible colors available . And to personalize your new look even more, you can choose the intensity of it.

You can download it on Android for free if you have version 4.1 or any later. In addition, it weighs very little, so with 2.6 MB of space available on your mobile you will have this virtual hairdresser.

Hair Salon

Hair Salon is another application to change hair color from the comfort of your home. Upload your favorite photo, and choose from all the available hairstyles, dragging it until it fits perfectly with the shape of your face.

Available for Android versions 4.0 or later, with a size of 28 MB.

Hair Color

” Hair Color ” is what its name suggests, an app to change hair color. It offers very realistic results , playing with different tones and being able to choose the best intensity and brightness. And if you want to innovate and try more extravagant styles, you can see how some of the more than 50 unique shades in the application suit you.

It is free, and is available for Android versions 5.0 and later , occupying a space of 17 MB . Or if iOS is your thing , you can download it for versions 8.0 or later , and use it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The size on iOS is 92.2 MB.

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