Battlefield 2042 Official Trailer Revealed

As we have seen in the official Battlefield YouTube account, after an hour countdown, the final name of the new DICE shooter will be Battlefield 2042 , and it will be a title full of fights, shootings and lots of action, accompanied by destruction everywhere.

Below these lines we can see the trailer of the game, which at first is made based on images of the game engine itself as indicated by the company, but it is not recordings in game, so we do not know if, despite counting With the best hardware on the market, the title will look exactly like it did in the trailer.

In any case, we can see a sample of the quality that we should be able to achieve in the title, with various vehicles, effects and weapons that, although they have not been revealed either, should be aligned with the latest rumors that we have published about the game , that they perfectly matched the name of this installment of the saga.

In any case, we will have to wait until June 13 to see recordings of the game’s gameplay, while October 22 will be the day chosen for everyone to acquire and play Battlefield 2042.



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