Best Apps to Watch Live TV on Your Android:Update 2021

It happens to all of us that we cannot live without our mobile. Today we use it for almost all daily tasks. Therefore, we are sure that a good app to watch TV would be great for you. Now, not all options are safe and legal. You have to know what you install on your device.


Well, today at Apkregion we bring you the best apps to watch live TV on Android of 2021. All are endorsed by users and have a wide variety of features so that you can enjoy the best entertainment from your mobile. In another post we already talked about the apps to watch TV on iPhone , now it is the turn of the Android system.

As you well know, our team has extensive knowledge of the best alternatives offered by the current market. Do you want to know them? So, stay with us and explore all the possibilities that your Android device offers you to watch TV.


Best apps to watch TV for free on Android

The phenomenon of free mobile television is unstoppable. Therefore, there are more and more alternatives to enjoy television content from around the world on mobile devices without having to pay a single euro . Sports, movies, series, documentaries, free DTT channels …

For this reason, first of all, we will focus on those applications to watch TV on Android for free . These are tools with which you can enjoy a large number of channels, both national and international, and have a wide range of content. Let’s see them!

Mobdro: free TV live and streaming

A very interesting tool to watch TV for free on Android is Mobdro, a streaming platform that has just hit the mobile market that allows you to watch channels from all over the world , whether from England, the United States or Japan. One of the things you need to know about Mobdro is that it is set to English, so at first you will only see foreign channels.

However, from the settings menu you can change the language and then have the possibility to tune into Spanish channels. You can watch Ten live, enjoy the best movies on The Paramount Channel … whatever you want! The app has a very simple and easy-to-use interface . From its main screen, you have access to all the channels and programs according to different themes.

All this with good image quality, more than acceptable loading times and the option to send the signal over Wi-Fi through Chromecast. Also, you can record content or watch live streams from YouTube or Twitch . Mobdro is free and cannot be found on Google Play. To download it, you have to visit its website and install it in apk format on your mobile.

Despite being an app from an external developer, in principle, it is safe and should not cause you any problems . If you want free TV and a variety of channels, this is your option.

IPTV Extreme

IPTV Extreme is an application to watch TV on Android that works through playlists in m3u format , that is, a type of file that contains IP addresses of the channels’ broadcasts. The operation is very simple. You have to find a list of channels and, later, load it into the app to start watching TV for free and without restrictions thanks to its integrated player.

As a user, you can choose your own television experience . You have the possibility of uploading lists by theme – sports, cinema, series, documentaries … -, by geographical area or country. Other highlights of IPTV Extreme are:

  • It is a  Chromecast compatible application .
  • Automatic TV guide update.
  • Real-time recording.
  • You can configure parental control .
  • Program reminders.

The only downside to this app is that its free version has some ads. Fortunately, they are not as abundant as in other Android DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) apps. In addition, you can deactivate them by purchasing its Pro version . Download IPTV Extreme and start enjoying thousands of channels from all over the world.

MiGuía.TV: all TV programming in a single app

The teletext of the mobile. This is how MiGuía.TV is presented, an app to watch TV programming completely free of charge, either from free-to-air or paid channels. It alerts you to all the news instantly, such as the broadcast day of the last episode of your favorite series or which channel broadcasts the great game of the day. The application is extremely intuitive and visual .

From a single screen, you have access to the complete television schedule according to the time slot or the category of the channels. You can group and order the channels as you want. You have the possibility to organize them by theme or create personalized lists with your favorites.

On the other hand, you can also search for a program by name to know its upcoming broadcasts, add events to the calendar, add widgets on your mobile with real-time programming and share your favorite broadcasts on social networks or by email.

In short, MiGuía.TV is an essential application if you want to watch television on your Android. On the one hand, it is very easy to use – something that is missing in other applications to watch TV – and, on the other hand, it offers you a wide variety of options without having to pay. More than recommended as a complement!

Kodi: perfect for watching TV for free

Without a doubt, when we think of an application to watch live Android TV, Kodi is one of the first that come to mind. This platform works as a multimedia center where the user has the opportunity to create their own TV on demand service.

In this sense, the app operates through the well-known add-ons , which allow you to watch different live television channels using an internet connection. To install an add-on you have to follow the following procedure:

  1. Open Kodi and go to the “Settings” menu – it looks like a cog wheel.
  2. Look for the “Add-Ons” section. Enter and then click “Install from repository”.
  3. Go to “ PVR ” and look for the “ PVR IPTV Simple Client ” tool .
  4. Click on “Install” to add the add-on.
  5. Once installed, click on “Configure” at the bottom and go to “M3U Playlist URL”.
  6. Add the link with the TV channels —you have to search for it— and then click on “OK”.
  7. Press “OK” again to restart Kodi . And now you have it!

From this moment on, you will find all the channels installed in the ” TV ” section that appears on the left side menu of the app. You can apply this procedure on any device with an Android system —including smart TVs— and without paying anything. What are you waiting to see your favorite shows?

TDT Channels

Another of the best applications to watch TV for free on Android is TDT Channels, a software with which you can access all DTT channels in streaming legally . In this sense, the app uses official broadcasts by connecting directly with the official service provider, so you will not be doing anything illegal.

What can I find on TDT Channels? Among other things, you can watch all the general channels — Antena 3, Telecinco, Cuatro, La Sexta, La 1… -, regional channels —TV3, Telemadrid, Canal Sur… – and even local televisions . Of course, you also have access to the main national radio stations .

The program’s interface is very intuitive. In its latest update, image quality has been optimized, channel startup has been streamlined, and the weight of the software has been lowered. TDT Channels is available in APK format from its official website, although you can watch any television channel on your mobile phone directly from its web player . Easy, fast and 100% legal.

You TV Player

If you don’t have enough with the free DTT channels, perhaps you are looking for an app like You TV Player, an Android video player to watch free TV on your mobile from anywhere in the world . Apart from the general channels of Spanish television, You TV Player offers you the possibility of adding pay channels from platforms such as Movistar + and Vodafone, as well as from the main international channels .

You can watch everything you want, from the best series and movies to live sports broadcasts. The best thing is that the app allows you to sort the channels according to their content and save the most viewed in the “Favorites” section. Among other functionalities, you can add friends and chat with them, send the content to a TV by Chromecast and locally play files saved on the mobile.

Of course, to install the software on your mobile, you have to resort to an APK from an alternative store.

Is it legal to watch TV for free on Android?

Surely, one of the first questions that come to mind when downloading a free television application on Android is whether what you are doing is legal. Well, from Apkregion we want to convey to you that all the TV apps proposed in this post are legal , since all they do is use an official online broadcast and reproduce it within the platform.

In fact, most of the apps we have selected have the endorsement of being official – they can be legally downloaded from the official Google Play store – or we have verified that they do not work irregularly . Without going any further, all those suspicious applications are usually removed from Google Play, as happened in its day with the Super TDT app, the Telete app and Android TV TDT.

On the other hand, we want to make it very clear that we are not responsible for misuse of these tools and their possible consequences . In this sense, if at any time they promise you to watch free pay channels, watch DTT for Android without internet or access an exclusive premiere movie, it is best not to fall into the temptation because many times these offers are associated with a malware or virus.

In short, use the official applications of the chains themselves whenever you can . In case you use third-party software, we recommend that you be responsible and do not do anything that is illegal and / or immoral. And you, do you recommend any application to watch TV on Android? Have you used any of those mentioned? We look forward to your comments!


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