Best Apps to Join Photos on Android and iPhone Update 2021

Do you have a mobile memory full of photos and images and you need software to join two or more of them? Whether you want to publish a post with your best moments from a trip or you want to make creative combinations with your photos, maybe you need an application to join photos . Although the big question is: what are the benchmarks?

Here you will find them all! And the thing is that today we bring you the best app to gather photos of this 2021 so that you can paste photos from your gallery and create fun and original combinations . All currently working best mobile applications and web pages.

At Apkregion we love photography and, for this reason, we have decided to help you with the best alternatives so that you can have all your memories together in a single image.

Discover NOW all the possibilities that these applications bring you to merge photos for free on Android and iOS. Stay tuned!

Best apps to join photos on Android and iPhone

Any good third-party mobile photo editor has the option of putting together images. It is something basic. However, we don’t always want to download something so complete. We leave you the simplest to join your favorite images:


PickStitch allows you to creatively combine photos into one . Pick all the angles of a moment or person and put them all together in one layer ! This app has a powerful “joiner” that offers all the possibilities to the user to make their combinations more attractive.

It offers hundreds of predesigned templates and also offers the ability to create your own. In addition, you can capture images directly from the app or choose them from your gallery or Facebook. With a few small touches with your finger you can rotate, adjust and apply thousands of filters.


Photogrid is a very complete and free app for Android and iOS . More than 100 million users endorse its success, making it one of the most popular of the moment.

It allows you to take several captures and paste them into one to apply filters, stickers and much more. At the end you can share your funny results with your friends and family. It also works as a moving image editor and is used to make  video presentations in which you can put video, music and text .

It offers fun templates , like the magazine cover one. It also allows you to tell your story through a strip, a long canvas instead of a squared one. More than 300 designs are waiting for you!

Photo Collage Editor

If what you are looking for is how to put two photos in the same image with a free and very simple tool, you have hit the nail on the head. You will have  very fun results in which you can integrate backgrounds, frames and much more.

It has very powerful functionalities and a simple design. You can find up to 120 different frames to choose from, which you can change the color and patterns and textures.

Its use is very easy, since it is through the most common touch gestures that we all know. Now you can add effects to photos and become the artist of your friends.


Moldiv is an incredible app to join two photos into one , or other combinations, and get very fun and creative with a variety of settings within its options. Without a doubt one of the most complete and attractive options.

In the free version you have 80 frames (and if you upgrade to the Premium version, you will have 100 more). The customization options are endless, being able to adjust size, colors and other basic settings, apart from being able to add up to 50 photographic effects.

It allows combining up to 9 in one and its wide range of colors, as well as texts (100 fonts and 99 patterns and colors in fourteen styles) make it one of our favorite options. Not to be missed!


Photoblend is one of the best applications to combine two photos naturally . Can you imagine mixing with a wild animal, like the tiger? Or see how you merge with your best friend? What if you mix with a famous person? Give it your imagination!

Forget Photoshop (very complicated for a basic level), Photoblend makes it easy for you . With this app you can edit with a single click, and thus you will get an authentic work of art. In addition, you can not only merge  bodies, but you can add other effects, frames or symbols.

It allows you to share directly on Instagram or Facebook , and you have it for both Android and iPhone lovers. What are you waiting for?

Picsew, perfect for collecting screenshots on iPhone

A very original app to join photos is Picsew, a tool that will allow you to join different screenshots that you take with your iPhone into a single photo .

One of Picsew’s strengths is that images can be linked from anywhere , that is, from both the horizontal and vertical axis. And it is not only used for landscape photographs or wallpapers, but it will also be very good to collect clippings from the Internet or any text that does not fit in a single capture.

Among other functionalities of the application, it is worth highlighting the possibility of joining different images automatically through screen recording or capturing all the text of a website (in Safari) to gather it into a single photo. Of course, all the content generated is in high resolution .

Picsew is exclusive to iPhone and its download is free , although you can purchase the Standard (€ 1.09) or Pro (€ 2.29) subscriptions to have all the features of the app.

Pixlr, one of the most complete

If what you want is an app to join photos in different layers , then we recommend Pixlr, which will give you the opportunity to make more than 2 million combinations from different effects, overlays and filters.

Its interface is designed for all types of users , so that both beginners and experts will have all the necessary tools for their photographs. And is that Pixlr is more than a simple application to join photos into one, since you can also balance the color, eliminate defects, adjust the tone, add text or add borders, among other options.

Finally, when you have everything ready, you can share the photo directly by email or the main social networks. But this is not all, you will also have the opportunity to join the Pixlr community on Instagram and participate in weekly photo challenges.

The app is free and is available on Android and iOS.

Layout for Instagram

Are you a regular user of Instagram and want to post several photos in a single post? In this case, you will love Layout for Instagram, an official app of the American company with which you can mix up to 9 photos at a time through different frame designs.

The best thing about Layout is that it will allow you to bring out your creative skills, since you will have total freedom to combine the photos as you want and perform all kinds of actions with them: create a mirror effect, flip them, change the size, reduce or enlarge the image … Everything you need to tell your own story.

Also, it is not necessary to register or log in with your usual Instagram account, you just have to download the application and start creating as soon as possible. Download it for free on your Android or iOS and show off your feed on IG.

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