Best Astronomy Apps for Mobile Update 2021

The universe is mysterious, and ignorance of it has made human beings wonder since ancient times what is everything that appears in the sky when the sun goes down. Even during the day, we are fascinated by the shapes of the clouds or the sunrises and sunsets.

Seeing and identifying stars, planets, and other celestial bodies is one of the most interesting hobbies out there. Thanks to our mobile, we can know what it is that shines so much: a star? a planet? a plane? Discover these star apps and have as much or more fun than an astronaut.

Applications to see stars that will take you to another dimension

Star Walk – Real Time Star Map

If you are looking for an app to identify stars and planets , Star Walk will not disappoint you, as it is one of the best astronomy apps that exist in 2021. In it, we can do all of the following (and more):

  • See space in real time with your Star Spotter.
  • Satellite tracking – have you ever seen an ISS?
  • Option to see the sky in another era (past or future): what was the sky of our grandparents like? What will our grandchildren’s like?

Never miss a meteor shower again and learn the constellations well with this sky application. In it, you are not only enjoying an app to see the stars in real time , but you will also find interesting information and curiosities about space.

It has an internal search engine (Where is Mars located at the moment?) And you can activate the night mode to adjust the night vision to the screen of your device. The app to identify stars is available for iPhone and Android, although the latter lacks a bit more development.


For Android users, we have Sky Map, a free mobile star map that will not disappoint you. While some of the latest Android models have had a problem with location, the app has immediate solutions.

Remember to calibrate your phone well to enjoy this constellation application (old Google Stars or Google Astronomy – aka Google Sky Map). You do not need an Internet connection to go out at night and explore space from Earth, but you will need to activate your mobile’s GPS.

If you are an amateur of astronomy, you cannot miss it. Basic, useful and essential.

SkyView Free

Sky View Free is an amazing tool to identify and photograph stars and other bodies in the sky . The mobile (Android or iPhone) becomes your personal astronomer and provides you with a spectacular view of space.

What can we see and do with this application to identify the stars?

  • Satellites like the ISS or Hubble, galaxies, constellations …
  • Put in night vision mode so that the light from the mobile screen does not interfere with our space adventures.
  • Augmented reality to see certain objects at a distance.
  • Go to the past or the future and see what heaven was like or what it will be like.

It is also used to photograph stars and the sky in general, and you can also share them on social networks. It does not need WiFi , data or GPS connection for it to work.

STAR MAP, star finder for iPhone and iPad

If you are an iOS user, you are in luck. With your Apple device you can exclusively enjoy the Star Chart app . Before, this application to see the sky was paid, but now it is completely free: enjoy it!

With this application you will only have to point to the sky and on the screen you will see everything you are seeing : a star, a constellation, a satellite … whatever. See, point, focus and discover more about the universe.

The dynamic orientation of the iPhone allows us to see the sky day or night from any position , whether we are lying in bed or sitting on the sofa in the dining room. Swipe your finger across the screen and you’re done.

You can customize it to the maximum, you have a series of very useful categories, you find almost 90 constellations, you can see information and data of any celestial body you see … and you can even see below the horizon, to know where the sun is at all times.

Without a doubt, one of the most complete. And now, you can also download it for your Android mobile!


Without a doubt, the official NASA application is one of the most complete there is, and we have it for both iPhone and Android. Not only does it help us to see and identify stars and planets, but we also have a lot of extra data. Let’s see:

  • Latest news and relevant information regarding space and the universe, or the advances of the space agency.
  • Thousands and thousands of images and videos.
  • The NASA Television (TV) streaming and Earth HD (HDEV – High Definition Earth Viewing).
  • Truthful information on NASA’s active mission or missions.
  • Listen to the radio.
  • Map and information about the NASA centers that can be visited.

The list goes on, but we prefer that you download the space application so that you can discover for yourself everything it has. It might be the closest you get to being an astronaut!

Seeing stars and photographing space is no longer a matter for experts in spacesuits. Now, even from the sofa in our homes, we can enjoy and get to know the universe more closely thanks to mobile applications for the sky.

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