Best Offline Games for Android in 2021{Part 1}

Best offline games for android: Are you game lovers, play games with your mobile often, and want to play games where ever you are without any internet connection? Then this post is for you.At apkregion we make a list of the top 50 best offline games for android, keep reading.

The development of mobile telephony has reached unimaginable levels. What began a few years ago with being able to communicate through a portable device has now become a digital tool with powerful communication, work, and entertainment system.

In the case of entertainment, here we are going to offer you a list of offline games. That is, they work without the need to be connected via WiFi or consuming the data from your mobile rate. They are the best option if you are a fan of video games or if you have young children who entertain themselves thanks to mobile devices.


The best offline games for Android

Below we offer you a list of the best games without internet, free and also the most requested on the market, so you can be more sure that any of these will give you hours and hours of fun.

They offer all their users full hours of entertainment with the best image quality and the best concepts at the level of fun.

Monument valley

Game without internet to solve puzzles. The main character, Princess Ida, must advance through mazes, impossible objects, and optical illusions and manipulate her environment to move from one platform to another.

Temple run 2

Popular endless run simulator, sequel to Temple Run, set in the Amazon rainforest and the dangers it hides. You have to travel the path constantly changing direction in order to get treasures and tools to easily overcome obstacles. One of the most downloaded fun games without internet today

Dumb Ways to Die 2

Sequel to the hit game of the same name. It is one of the best games to kill boredom . Puts the safety of fun seed-like characters in the player’s hands. Applying common sense, and in this way they will stay alive and thus advance in adventure. Its offline performance is excellent .

Candy Crush Saga

This famous video game presents a couple of main characters such as little Tiffi and Mr. Toffe, who walk a path where in each level they must solve a puzzle, placing combinations of candies in groups of three, four or more. Only then can they move forward and fix all the problems in Candy’s Kingdom. One of the best and most entertaining games without internet .

Zombie Tsunami

Starting with a single character, the player must bite all of them and turn them into zombies , which continue to attack everything in their path, trying to create the largest zombie horde possible. With more than 200 million downloads , its user experience is as simple as controlling the entire horde through one button.

Math Riddles And Puzzles

Math, riddles and puzzles is a smart way to occupy your free time using this offline game for Android . With this application mathematical abilities are trained and the intellectual level (IQ) is raised.

Kingdom rush frontiers

Award-winning sequel to the original version of Kingdom Rush, this is a strategy game based on fortified towers which allow you to expand and defend your territory from common enemies and special warriors. A whole world that has different levels of difficulty to test strategy skills .

Fallout shelter

In a post-apocalyptic world, the main character has the mission of keeping what remains of humanity safe, so he must build a radiation-proof shelter , give each person a job, organize society, feed it and repopulate the world. .

Reigns: Her Majesty

Set in a royal court and with the queen as the main character, she must make decisions about the requests of her subjects . These decisions on important matters and others not so much. We must maintain balance and peace in the kingdom, as far as possible.

Hitman sniper

Simulation game with excellent graphics, with the optics of the first person sniper. The adventure unfolds through missions where the sniper must fulfill a contract and escape unscathed. With this you will accumulate rewards and items to improve your weapons.

Tomb of the mask

In the best style of the first video games for its music and graphics. This is one of the best games without internet . You have to try to go through a labyrinth , full of obstacles and dangers while collecting treasure coins.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto is a Sandboarding practitioner who has the possibility of practicing in an infinite journey through the desert sands. With excellent graphics and music that invites you to relax, it is an excellent option to play without internet to relax.

Chrome Dinosaur Game

The famous dinosaur game without internet is available in the Chrome browser when there is no network connection. Just by pressing the space bar, the dinosaur, specifically a T-Rex, will start a race to demonstrate its speed and ability to overcome obstacles, in this  offline Google video game , the longer the race lasts, the more points will be accumulated.

Worse … did you know that its success and demand is such that people want to play even with data? You can download and play it from the Dino Chrome app.


With more than a hundred prizes to its credit, this option is presented as one of the most interesting in terms of offline games. With a grim horror movie-style setting , a boy must search for his missing sister, navigating obstacles and difficult levels in the dark world of Limbo.

Punch Quest

With a marked arcade style, this game presents a character who through punches must advance through corridors and complex levels full of creatures and dangers. The further you advance, the more points and special abilities you will accumulate to fight the ever-larger and darker enemies.

Minion Rush Gru: Despicable Me

Also in the style of an infinite maze, the cute Minions must navigate the lair of Despicable Me Gru, dodging dangerous obstacles, collecting bananas and unlocking costumes such as surfer or ninja. Panoramic 3D, it is completely free and has been downloaded more than 900 times.

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