Best Offline games for Android in 2021 {Part 2}

Here is the second part of the best offline games for android

You can also check the first part here Best offline games for android part 1

Zenonia 4

The fourth installment of the famous saga. It consists of the classic role-playing game for Android where the characteristics of some of the main characters are taken to carry out a campaign in different environments, fighting enemies and overcoming various obstacles. With various levels of difficulty, it is also possible to enjoy Zenonia online and asynchronously.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Free

With the support of more than 100 million downloads , this second installment presents a combat video game between zombies and a group of mutant plants that thanks to their special abilities help fight the hordes of zombies that want to destroy everything living in the world. planet. It is possible to discover more than a hundred plants and undead during the course of the game.

Ninja dash run

Running and jumping non-stop with excellent anime graphics – could you ask for more? Yes, and the game gives it to you: it’s free and completely offline. Enjoy this fun arcade game for mobile in which you will have to battle against enemies, dodge obstacles and make attack combos. Very entertaining and VERY addictive (in addition, you have the possibility to play online as well).

Plague INC

With a 5-star rating, we have this simulation and strategy video game where you play the villain in history, seeking to destroy humanity through deadly viruses and diseases. More than 200 million games played around the world indicate that this is not just any adventure.

Tap the frog

Addictive group of minigames where the frog as the main character is the star of all activities. By helping her to jump, you have to take her through different scenarios until she finally manages to meet her girlfriend. 28 modes and a multiplayer version further help create addiction for Tap The Frog.

Bike Race Free

One of the best rated motorcycle games . Just by choosing a motorcycle model and the characteristics of the engine you can already participate in races on almost impossible tracks. It is free and in addition to being able to be enjoyed without the need to be connected to the Internet, it is also multiplayer and gives the possibility of playing against other people.


Simple but addictive puzzle game . Simply connect the dots of the same color to earn points and advance in the adventure. With several game modes to please all tastes. With increasing difficulty, it is a good alternative to test the human logical sense. Still don’t know what the game to connect the dots is called? Point and download: DOTS!

Angry Birds Go!

A huge success in mobile entertainment. This version of Angry Birds offers new versions of the characters against the horrible little green pigs. Shooting game where the player’s ability to solve complex situations and the use of strategy is measured. Another game that will bring out the player’s sense of strategy , in addition to his aim.

Final fantasy iv

A classic from the world of video games finally arrives for the Android platform. Classic characters, memorable battles with the best effects and strategies in the plays that make this an almost cult game. In this case, the download costs 16.99 euros in exchange for hours and hours of entertainment and amazing effects.

Rocket raze

Excellent alternative where you must drive a rocket through an asteroid minefield using the device’s accelerometer functions to control it. As simple as it is addictive, its download is completely free. Only available in English.

Freeze The Flight

With a somewhat gloomy and gloomy appearance, this game manages to hook due to the difficulty of taking the hero out of the cell that imprisons him using the touch controls and trying to solve the puzzle of the level . Once solved, you advance to new worlds and new challenges to solve.

Stickman tennis

Don’t be fooled by its simple appearance that stickmans use as tennis players, as it has a lot of detail. This simulation video game allows you to create a player and start participating in different tournaments around the world. Excellent for lovers of tennis and sports in general.

Sorcery 2

With the theme of adventure and fantasy, it is listed as one of the top 20 offline mobile games in different years. Strategy, battles and fantastic characters are the main attractions of Sorcery 2. Only available in English.

Cut The Rope

Ohm nom is a little green alien who should only be fed candy. This is an excellent alternative where children use the physics of things, predict their behavior and solve problems , which consist of cutting the rope so that the little alien can be fed their respective sugar ration. The best in games for children without an internet connection.

Clumsy ninja

Excellent simulation of characters using artificial intelligence to recreate emotions and fun situations, where a little ninja is created who must be trained in order to advance both in the ranks and become a master and in skills that allow him to rescue his friend Kira.

MAD Zombies

Classic first-person zombie game where you must resist attacks in waves of enemies using your shooting skills, as well as strategies that allow you to kill as many of them as possible and be the last one alive. Free 3D entertainment.

Offline Bubbles

One of the most classic options. Simple but very entertaining option for when you are offline . By gathering three or more bubbles of the same color, it will be possible to eliminate them and thus accumulate points to go to the next level and there are more than 1000 levels available .

Dominoes Offline

A classic of board games. If you are a consummate fan of dominoes, you will find in this digital version everything that attracts you. You can use it as practice for weekend tournaments and learn to improve dynamics or new strategies to win. One of the best alternatives to play offline.

Crossy road

To answer the classic question of why the hen crossed the road, we have this game where you have to use coordination and reaction speed skills to help the hen and other characters cross roads full of traffic. Excitement and fun guaranteed.

Bloons TD 6

With some funny and particular monkeys as the star characters of this famous game, they take the tests of strategy and tower defense to an entertaining level that makes it addictive. Many levels and 3D effects are contributions that help to receive such good comments. Excellent way to pass the time to play without wifi .


Awarded as the best action game of the year in 2016, it is based on strategy and building fortifications that help explorers to take control of the territory. Packed with levels, items, and epic battles, it’s an excellent choice for fans of this category.


Simple in appearance, this app contains many details that make it a must-have on your personal games list. An excellent soundtrack and programming that test coordination skills and speed of reaction to take the two ships that make up the duet safely to the next level.


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