Best Selfie Stick Apps Update 2021

Without any doubt, selfies are a phenomenon. And as with all phenomena, gadgets and complementary tools appear. In this case, the selfie stick , or as it is called in English, selfie stick . Wherever you go, you will see a selfie stick : on the beach, mountains, concerts, tourist sites, sporting events, anytime, anywhere. There are no limits to selfies anymore . There is a whole series of selfie stick apps that will help you make selfies even easier . Do not miss it!


The Best Apps for selfie stick 2021

Whistle Camera: whistle to take the photo

We present you two whistle cameras , one for Android and one for iOS. Whistle in English means whistle.

Well, these photo-taking apps are great fun: just whistle and the app takes the photo automatically. That easy. You just have to place your phone on the selfie stick and produce the sound of a whistle. Easy and very entertaining.

You can use it with the rear or front camera, and if you want, you can combine the whistle with a countdown available in the Android app. This also has automatic focus and you can put filters on the photos . The iOS app is a bit simpler, but just as functional.

TimerCam: countdown

A countdown is practically inherent in a selfie , something essential . As with the previous app, we bring two different ones for Android and iPhone, but with more or less the same characteristics.

This countdown app for your selfie stick has many different functionalities. You can put a time of 5, 10, 15 or 30 seconds. In the last three seconds, so that you are not caught off guard, the app emits a sound effect .

You can select flash on, off or automatic. 3, 2, 1… selfie!

Camera 360 Ultimate: 200+ filters

Camera 360 is a free photo app for Android and iPhone. It has more than 10 types of camera, among which we find selfie , poster, fun, audio, video, effects and much more. Choose the one you prefer!

You have more than 200 exclusive filters available for you to personalize your photo to your liking. It has automatic facial recognition, it softens your skin and makes your face slimmer. Take the perfect selfies and post them online!

Completely free and without ads.

Candy Camera for Selfie: preview!

Candy Camera is an application specially designed to take perfect selfies . It allows you to use more than 100 artistic filters and edit your favorite self-portraits in a very simple (but attractive) way. Quickly, and once you have the desired selfie , you can share it on your favorite social networks.

Filters can be applied directly when taking the photo, you can preview the result before taking it and thus avoid subsequent retouching. You can soften and whiten your skin, remove blemishes and even put on makeup .

The app has more than 50 million downloads and more than 5 million daily users! Do you dare to try it?

Smart Selfie: take advantage of the quality of your camera

Smart Selfie is an application for a selfie stick that will go very well with both the front camera of the mobile, but we will still get more out of it with the back camera, which is the one with the least control we have.

It is one of the best apps for selfie stick , since with its facial recognition, it detects the position and takes the photo automatically.   You don’t have to press a button, count down, touch the screen, whistle, smile or make any kind of noise.

Take advantage of your rear camera, which usually has more pixels than the front one!

Bestie – Grid Stickers Selfies

Bestie is the result of two words that mean “best selfie” in English. From the hand of Camera360 we have this fantastic application to take free photos on Android, so that you look perfect in your photos.

Many photo apps have very fun and original filters, but what stands out about Bestie is that the filters are for selfies , specially designed for this great fashion. And what do we look for in a selfie? Well basically know how to remove blemishes from the face , or make it an app to lose weight photos. With Bestie you can do that and much more: optimize your face and body to the maximum and proudly share your results on social networks.

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam

If you are looking for how to take the perfect photo, you have found what you wanted. YouCam Perfect is presented as a selfie camera specialized in this type of photography. Let’s see why.

The app allows you to retouch photos in real time , so that you yourself can see the final result of the photograph before taking it. Remove all blemishes, fix photo details and voila – quick and easy. Also, you can make funny short videos to post wherever you want. Eliminate dark circles, bags, wrinkles, pimples and even objects.

But not only that, but in YouCam there is the Circle of Beauty , a community of YouCam app users where you will be able to communicate, be inspired, explore and discover the latest trends.

Retro Selfie

Tired of everyone uploading the same photos to Instagram, Facebook and other social networks? Be different and give your self-portraits a touch of originality with RetroSelfie, the application to put filters on photos and vintage effects.

The app lets you add effects to photos on Android for free, either in the form of stickers or stickers, frames and much more. At the same time, you can make collages and combine photos as you like.

Make the most of your autofocus and share your retro selfies on social media!


Update 2021: the application is no longer available on Google Play.

This Android app has been a revolution in the field of taking photos, especially in Korea. With this application you do not need a timer or touch the screen: you can take photos with manual gestures .

As you hear it, you just have to raise your hand when you are ready, and close it. At that moment, the photo is taken. Simple and effective, especially for those who do not have the selfie stick. It is the perfect solution!

You have different options, such as taking photos as if it were a photo booth or adding funny effects. Of course you can edit photos and share them on the social networks you prefer.


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