Best Video Editing Apps for Your Mobile Update 2021

If we want to retouch and adjust clips, we will find endless applications that promise to be the best app to edit videos on the market . But not all of them can be number one, right?

To do this, we have made a selection of the best video editors   for Android and iPhone. The apps that offer the highest quality for now, exclusively for you. You can not miss it.

The best applications to edit videos with your mobile


iMovie is one of those apps to edit videos on iPhone, Mac or iPad that you cannot miss. It is one of the essentials for iOS users since in addition to being one of the most complete, Apple eliminated the payment to download the application in 2017 and, thanks to this, it became completely free for all users and devices from the Californian brand. 

Thanks to its incredible design and its multitouch options , it is very simple and intuitive to mount  videos  on your mobile, tablet or computer. The application allows you to work almost automatically thanks to its templates, filters and adjustments , but it also encourages creativity to retouch to your liking completely.

The app allows you to adjust trailers, impressive content and movies in high quality (HD); it even allows you to modify and compose soundtracks . Turn your best moments into Hollywood blockbusters with such a professional video editor.


Like a magic wand, the Magisto app will allow you to modify videos and movies automatically . You will not have to worry about having prior knowledge.

The application, once you add the content you want, generates a movie with effects, music and filters. With a single click, you will turn your moments into authentic movies.

Choose the title , the soundtrack and the content and Magisto will work for you. You can share these wonderful professional creations with your family and friends. They are sure to be surprised!

With its facial recognition  tool it detects who is relevant, and thanks to its filters you can modify thematic content of birthdays, Christmas or births.

Procamara 8

It is clear that when it comes to designing or editing videos, Apple has the best mobile applications . ProCamara 8 is another paid editor for iPhone that will allow you to give it professional finishes.

It is a fast and easy to use app. It is  an all-in-one application , and it proclaims itself as the next generation of mobile photography. Its renewed interface is very powerful and intuitive and allows the user to take stunning photos in HDR and control exposure and focus with a simple swipe of the finger on the screen.

The app allows you to have control as if you had a reflex camera in your hand, being able to adjust shutter, speed or ISO, among other things. Apart from being an app to take photos , it is one that allows you to add filters, corrections, cuts or professional tools in your home movies. Do you dare to discover the rest?

8mm Vintage Camera

This app was used in the movie “Searching for Sugar Man,” the Malik Bendjelloul documentary that won the 2012 Oscar in that category. Are you ready for this professional editing app?

This application presents the most versatile, authentic and easy-to-use retro camcorder on the Apple market . Through your lens you will be able to capture the beauty and magic of old recordings – known as “old school”.

The app supports 720p recording with real-time effects . It also has seven different lenses, among which we find Super 8, Classic, Spotlight or Color Fringing, among others. Also, you can apply up to 10 vintage filters , whether it’s 1920s, 60s, 70s, Xpro, or Cinema Black.

It comes with two free themes, the elegant and the minimalist. You can always buy others within the same app.

Animoto VideoMaker

At last we found an editing program that works for both iOS and Android. Animoto is one of the most recent, but not for that reason one of the newest. Its features make us feel like true professionals on our smartphone.

Animoto is one of the  most entertaining of all , very easy to use and with a lot of filters and options that we are sure you will love. It has already millions of downloads and has been praised by a lot of international press, such as the NYTimes or CNN.

Make your own video clips with just a few taps of your finger!

Andromedia Video Editor

We continue on this list of mobile video editors with Andromedia , one of the most popular apps that has been acquiring in recent months. Let’s see why.

Androimedia is an Android video editor without a watermark  that allows, completely free , to modify our videos at will. It doesn’t matter if you want to publish your content on Facebook, VINE or Instagram… the tools in this app are good for everything.

Mind you, don’t expect something super professional. It serves to get you out of trouble quickly, easily and efficiently . It allows exporting the results in HD up to a maximum of 1080p and supports many formats, such as MP4 , JPEG (you can put photos in it), WAV , MP3 (to add audio clips), MOV , etc.

As a negative point, we must say that the application stops too often. Hopefully they will fix it soon with an update !

Movie Edit Touch Pro APK

The Movie Edit Touch lets you edit video clips with just a few taps of your finger . Its use is simple, and its results are spectacular. You can try the free version from Google Play. If you are looking for the APK, we leave it in your hands, since we do not recommend it.

If you want your Android mobile or your tablet to become a mini recording and editing studio, this is your chance! The truth is that the free version is too simple even for 4 tweaks … so you can try it, and if you like it, go Premium or try the APK.

Allows you to import clips directly from SD or GoPro , or remove them from the mobile gallery. You can make the adjustments you think are convenient in just a few seconds . If you are looking for immediate results, download it right here.

By the way, if you don’t like the results and you are a very perfectionist, you can finish your mini movie on your computer if you download the Magix Video Deluxe desktop app.

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