Best Weather Apps for Your Mobile Update 2021

Are you going away for a few days and you don’t know whether to take warm clothes or a bikini? Do you want to stop coming to work dripping because you didn’t grab an umbrella?

With widgets and weather apps , this won’t be a problem anymore. Take advantage of your mobile phone (it doesn’t matter if Android or iPhone) and download the best weather applications now.


Accuweather is known worldwide as one of the best websites to know the weather forecast. Its detail and precision is such that they have made it one of the most popular in the world. So now we can have Accuwethaer services and its widget on our Android phones and iOS terminals.

  • Free, super personalized and very accurate forecast  for any mobile or web platform.
  • It tells us the exact forecast that you are going to make by the minute, by the hour and by the day … even by the month!
  • It can be downloaded in more than 100 languages ​​and dialects … in fact, there are already 1500 MILLION people around the world who use it.
  • MinuteCast®: minute by minute rain forecast according to exact location.
  • Images satellite and radar, videos and news.

Without a doubt, one of the favorites of travelers from all over the world. If you are looking for maximum accuracy and precision, you cannot miss what is surely the best Android and iOS weather app .


WeatherBug is one of the weather apps that you can’t miss if you’re obsessed with the weather forecast. Their good performance is largely due to the fact that they use the main commercial weather stations, which gives them unprecedented precision .

  • It is the application that warns of alerts and notifications faster .
  • Live forecasts , whether for hours, days or weeks.
  •  Animated interactive maps .
  • Extra data  : alerts for lightning, pressure, wind chill, humidity, pollen or Doppler radar data, among other things.

You can install the Weather Bug widget for free on the home screen of iPhone or your Android phone. It’s free, detailed, accurate, and very easy to understand. One of the best weather apps, hands down!


RadarScope is not free ( € 9.99, annual subscription ) and is available for both iOS and Android. We include it in the list thinking especially for the most enthusiastic about the weather , since free apps tend to fall short.

  • It is a specialized application that allows you to view NEXRAD data (level 3) and Super Resolution radars.
  • It not only warns of rain or inclement weather, but it is specific for tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or serious storms. In addition, it goes hand in hand with the United States National Weather Service.
  • It also reports on the double polarization, reflectivity or speed of the aforementioned NEXRAD or the TDWR radar website, as well as the Canadian Environment radars.
  • The maps that the app shows are not PNG or GIF images, but are real radar images in original format and very detailed.

If you are obese or a weather freak, this app interests you.

Free Live Time

One of the most useful and beautiful is Live Weather. Being difficult to predict the weather, with one of the best weather applications, you will have real-time forecasts anywhere in the world.

You can have detailed information for that day or for the whole week. Sunrise and sunset, wind information, current temperature and sensation among other characteristics make it one of the most complete.

As if that were not enough, it has a friendly widget that you can place as direct access to your screen, updating itself with the information in your area. It is available for the Google Play Store and the App Store.


If you want to check the weather in a clean and easy way, then you should use Klara. This application presents the weather data in the form of easy-to-understand graphs for free. It is currently only available for Android.

With simplified designs and data at the time of the YR (MET Norway), you will be able to know the status anywhere. Save favorite locations and check the short-term and long-term predictions for those locations.

Dark sky

Tired because the rain takes you by surprise? That ended with Dark Sky, the first weather application focused on rain reports . No matter where in the world you are standing, this app will tell you whether it will rain or not.

All this is done at the moment by this weather application, giving you the exact time and place where the precipitation will begin. You can adjust it to give early signals and warnings. It includes a widget that you can place on the home screen.

Get a detailed map of your area to know the state of the weather in the next 7 days as a forecast for the next 24 hours. You can download this free application for Android and iOS, with the best application for rainy weather.


With YoWindow it will be like having a window in your pocket. It not only allows you to know the weather for free, but to see it. No matter where you are on the planet, this application shows you the weather with animations.

These landscapes adjust to your location and the seasons of the year. It includes not only the sunrise and sunset, but also the moon in real time. It is rated by many users as the best.

Synchronized with your local weather agencies, YoWindow allows you to fast-forward a bit and observe future changes. All this intuitively by sliding your finger on the screen. Available for iOS and Android.

Today Weather

When summer comes, we complain about heat waves. The same in winter with the polar cold waves. This is because it catches us off guard. With Today Weather we can make a good weather forecast and wrap ourselves up well (or not) when it hits. Extreme temperatures, however, cannot be taken away from us.

With a simple graph (super easy to understand), we can see what it is going to do where we tell it. It does not provide any specific novelty compared to those above, but it is much more pleasant in terms of design and structure . And that is appreciated.

We can set alarms, know what time is sunset, the probability of rain in percentages, the strength of the wind or the intensity of UV rays. The downside is that it takes up, to our liking, too much: 141MB. You have it for both Android and iOS.

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