Can You Drive a Car Without Insurance?

Having a valid driving license is essential to drive a car, although it is not the only condition to get behind the wheel. Therefore, it is normal for you to wonder if you can drive a car without being insured. We solve your doubt below!

What type of legal entities does car insurance cover?

There are 3 legal figures when we talk about car insurance (which may or may not be concentrated in a single person): Policy holder: contracts the policy and pays the premium.

  • Beneficiary:receives compensation if an accident occurs.
  • Insured or driver:person whom the insurance protects, who is legally authorized to drive the car. He is the one who is most exposed to an accident, since he is the main user of the car.
  • There may be different drivers declared in the insurance. So both the regular driver and the occasional ones -who appear in the policy- will be protected, according to the benefits contracted.

Can I drive a car if I am not on the insurance?

Is it legal to drive someone else’s car if you are not insured ? The truth is that it is a fairly common question. Some people believe that they can leave the vehicle to a relative or a friend without consequences. While other people think that this carries a fine. Which of the two is right?

Well , the answer is not “universal” , but there are some nuances that you should know. In the event of an accident, if you drive without being covered, it is normal for the insurance company not to deal with the expenses. But there are some exceptions .

Certain drivers do not need to be covered by insurance to get behind the wheel and be protected (in the event of an accident). Insurers indicate several conditions regarding your age and your experience in order to cover expenses. Although the minimum age varies from company to company, it is usually 25 years old. As for the age of the card, 1, 2 or 5 years.

Can my children drive the car without being insured?

Including your children in the policy will not be cheap if they just got their card . Hence, many do not consider it worth doing if they are not going to drive frequently. But, for the insurer to be responsible for the expenses in the event of an accident , they must be insured.

The risk of not appearing as a driver on the policy

If you don’t meet the age or experience requirements, the insurer may not cover expenses resulting from an accident. Or maybe yes, but in a reduced way. What is clear is that getting behind the wheel without insurance in your name is a great risk.

Remember that the policies allow you to add several classes of drivers: regular, secondary, occasional and authorized. If you know in advance that the car is going to be used by several people, it is best that you all have insurance to avoid scares.

Check your policy before leaving the car to an uninsured driver

The insurance conditions may change according to each company. Before lending your car to someone who is not on the policy, check the coverage .

Find cheap car insurance that covers others with online sites

Now you know if you can drive a car without insurance . To find a policy that covers other drivers, use our car insurance comparator ! Just fill in your details. Our team of professionals contacts you to give you the solution after analyzing the prices and coverage of the best insurers in the market.

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