Clean Your Phone with the Best Cleaners and Optimizers for Android 2021

With the passage of time, the mobile phone fills with residual files and other elements that deteriorate the internal memory. This causes small gaps to appear that cannot be filled. Now, did you know that with an Android cleaner you can recover part of the lost storage on your device?

Today, at TuAppPara, we bring you the best apps to clean and optimize Android. We already taught you how to clean iPhone in its day , so now we wanted to make sure that you also know the best alternatives for the Google operating system.

So let’s see how to clean the mobile of files in the easiest and fastest way. Do not miss it!

The best apps to clean and optimize your mobile of this 2021

Does your mobile need cleaning? Surely yes. But how do you know which is the best application for it? We review the best optimizers and cleaners of this 2021:

SD Maid – System cleaning tool

We started this selection with SD Maid, an Android cleaner with which you can manually examine and delete all the files that are causing errors on your device and filling up the internal storage. To do this, the app has a very intuitive file explorer where you can see what items are left over and how much space they are taking up.

The tool is capable of eliminating residual files, remnants of uninstalled applications (either downloaded or from the system itself) or duplicate content, among other things. In addition, it has a file browser so you can delete only what interests you. In short, if you want a clean and tidy mobile, SD Maid is your choice.


Now it’s the turn of CCleaner, a PC and Mac program that also works as an app to clean your mobile. It is software that analyzes the entire system in order to optimize performance and free up memory space . In this sense, the application not only deletes junk files or applications that are not used, but also totally empties the cache, the browsing history or the content of the download folders.

On the other hand, in CCleaner you can see which applications consume more data or which drain the battery before to detect possible problems in the phone’s performance. It also has a hibernate mode that prevents apps from running in the background. Very effective and fast.

Avast Security

Avast Security, one of the best Android antivirus 2021 , can also be used as an app to optimize and clean your mobile. In addition to removing viruses, spyware or malware, it has a junk file cleaner to be able to recover all the lost space. Thus, you can delete unnecessary data, cache, residual installation files or gallery thumbnails, among other elements.

But this is not all it offers, since it also integrates an app manager to delete the ones you don’t need and other tools such as reports on the data flow. Thanks to its anti-theft option, you can also use it as an app to locate someone else’s mobile  in case of loss or extraction.

The basic functionalities of Avast are completely free, while other functions such as remote SMS or blocking apps are paid.

Clean & Master

If you are looking for an application to clean your mobile completely and improve performance immediately, Clean & Master is one of the most effective. The app frees up storage space both on the internal memory and on the SD card. This is achieved by removing all residual files and obsolete applications that the user does not use.

On the other hand, it has an enhancer that empties the RAM, stops the tasks in the background and closes the applications that cause the mobile to slow down or overheat. All this in order to optimize and accelerate the performance of the CPU. Of course, keep in mind that it is not the original CleanMaster, although it still works wonderfully.

Google files

In this selection of Android cleaners and optimizers, Files by Google could not be missing. This multifunctional tool will allow you to check the remaining storage of your internal memory or SD card and erase all the unwanted files in order to free up space.

For this purpose, the app has an integrated file cleaner that removes everything unnecessary: ​​photos and memes that you have received through WhatsApp, duplicate elements, apps that you do not use, cache memory … Of course, you will keep control of your files at all times , since Files does not delete anything without your consent.

And, if you want to save space on your mobile, the application also allows you to transfer files between the internal storage and the SD and make backup copies in Google Drive or another cloud app. The best of all? Files is completely free.

Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer is an application to clean the phone that stands out for its speed. Unlike other similar software, it goes more straight to the point and removes all residual files in seconds. All for free and without ads.

Two of the most interesting functions of the app are the so  called 1-Touch Speed ​​Up and Auto Clean Up. Both allow you to delete the contents of the folders automatically without the need for the user to select the files. On the other hand, the tool also gets rid of all traces left by Internet browsing and prevents applications from running in the background.

And, in addition to all these features, Droid Optimizer can be used as a battery-saving app . This is achieved through a function called Good Night that deactivates certain functions of the mobile in periods of inactivity. A highly recommended option!

AVG Cleaner

With over 50 million downloads, AVG Cleaner is one of the best Android cleaners in its own right. Its interface is extremely intuitive: on a single screen you can see which files are leaving you out of space and causing your mobile to not work as it should.

Through the intelligent analysis carried out by the app, you will know how much memory you have left and how much space unnecessary data occupies. From there, you can perform a quick cleaning to remove residual files, old apps, photos and videos of poor quality or the cache, among other elements. Or, if you prefer, set up an automatic cleaning.

Regarding its optimization and battery saving tools, AVG Cleaner analyzes the applications that use the most resources (RAM, mobile data, memory…) and has a hibernation option  that suspends all those that are running in the background. In short, a very complete mobile cleaning app that you can download for free.

One Booster: remove junk from your phone

One Booster is a free mobile cleaner that is responsible for eliminating everything that causes a slowdown of the mobile, that is, junk files, residual files and the stored cache of all applications.

Its operation is very simple. The app scans the entire device and shows you the total garbage space on the screen, with detailed information on each of the items. Once done, you only have to ask the system to delete everything. You should not worry about anything else, since nothing that compromises the operation of the terminal will be deleted.

It also works as a mobile antivirus and includes other functionalities such as battery saving, a CPU cooler or a booster to free up RAM. Without a doubt, one of the most recommended.

All-in-One Toolbox: clean, speed up, optimize

As its name suggests, All-In-One Toolbox is an all-in-one tool that includes a wide variety of functionalities to get the most out of your mobile: junk cleaner, phone accelerator and optimizer.

Well, the first thing the app will do after installing is an analysis of the entire system. Then, the screen will show how much you are spending on each resource (RAM, internal storage and battery) so that you can choose the most appropriate option: clean, speed up or optimize. This will ensure that you erase all residual files and unwanted apks and stop the processes that slow down the system the most.

On the other hand, its interface also integrates a file manager for an SD card. This includes a large file scanner and cleaner so you can free up space on it too. All-In-One Toolbox is free and has extra paid features.

Norton Clean

And to end the Android cleaning apps. we bring you Norton Clean. Symantec’s tool  provides fast and effective device cleaning completely free of charge, without ads, and without micro-purchases. Its main features include:

  • Cache cleaner: removes all residual files left behind by applications when installed, both on the internal storage and on the SD.
  • Junk Cleaner – Scans and removes all unnecessary data such as duplicate files, unused apps, or empty folders.
  • File manager: allows you to move data and apps to the SD card.
  • Personalized recommendations: the system sends proposals to eliminate the least used apps.

In short, with Norton Clean you can recover all the space lost on your mobile without investing a single penny. In addition, you will have the guarantee of an app developed by the leader in  cybersecurity  in the market.

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