How to Cancel Subscriptions From Android?

Today there are few who do not have a subscription to a streaming video service . But sometimes we want to change, or simply unsubscribe for whatever reason. Luckily, to cancel subscriptions to any of the most popular services you only need your Android mobile. Next, we explain how to do it in the most popular services.


Cancel subscriptions to streaming services

Cancel HBO subscription

If you want to cancel HBO on Android , you won’t be able to do it directly from the mobile app. But this does not mean that you have to pick up the computer to unsubscribe. You will simply have to help the browser.

To unsubscribe, go to HBO Spain in your mobile browser and log in with your account. In the upper right corner, you will find an icon with a cogwheel. Click on it and you will find the Settings menu. Once there, click on Subscription. Later you will find the option Cancel subscription . By clicking on it, you can unsubscribe in a matter of seconds. Of course, remember that even if you have canceled the service you can continue using it until the last period you have paid ends, so it is possible that you still have a few days of use left.

Cancel Netflix Subscription

As with HBO, to cancel Netflix subscriptions from your Android mobile you will have to use the browser, since the application does not allow this option. Therefore, the first step, as in the previous case, will be to enter the Netflix website from your favorite browser and log in with your account. Then, click on your profile photo at the top to access the settings.

Once inside that menu, you will have to enter the Account section. In it you will find a section called Cancel subscription . Carefully read the information provided and then click on Complete Cancellation. Once you have done it, the month you have the course will be the last that you will be charged, and also the month you have access to the service.

As in the previous service, after canceling Netflix subscriptions you will be able to continue accessing the service until the period that you have already paid for ends.

Cancel Disney + subscription

The process for canceling Disney + subscriptions from Android is a little different than for the services mentioned above. In this case, the steps to follow are the following:

Open the Google Play Store menu

Click on the icon with three dots to access the menu

Choose the Subscriptions option

Choose Disney +

Press Cancel Subscription

The process, until you can stop using Disney +, is exactly the same as when we cancel HBO or Netflix. That is, from the moment you do the cancellation process until it becomes effective, it may take some time if you do not leave this for the last day. If, for example, you have contracted an annual subscription , you will have the possibility to continue viewing the application’s catalog until the end of the year that you have paid for. Therefore, you don’t have to wait until the last day to cancel.


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