How to Change the Color of Instagram Chat Messages

Do you want to change the color of Instagram chat messages and want to know how ? Then this is the best option for you . Follow this step-by-step guide and make it your own.

Instagram has managed to stay at the top of the most popular social networks around the world thanks to a combination of innovative elements and features that are simple at a glance but when used well, they give us quite attractive results.

This is the case of the new colors that you can apply to your direct messages on Instagram, where you can combine bubbles, gradients, and even solid tones to give a unique touch to your virtual personality.

How to change the color of Instagram chat messages

First of all, you should make sure you have the latest Instagram application installed or update your current installed app, because, at the moment, this feature is only available to a small user base, most of them being those who have the updated app.

Now, having the app updated does not guarantee you have the color change active, but at least you will be the first to enjoy it as soon as it is released to the public, surprising your contacts when you send them a direct message.

But if you have some luck and you are one of the beta testers, then what you should do is follow these steps:

how to change the color of instagram chat messages 1


Enter a chat where you want to try the colors.

Tap the top button ⓘ.

Now click on the themes section and you will see all the available color combinations.

how to change the color of instagram chat messages 2

Finally, you can try the one you like the most. There are many interesting color combinations for your Instagram chats, such as rainbows, tropical and citrus hues, candies, unicorns, and much more!

And if after trying them all you don’t like any of them, all you have to do to return to the normal style is select the default option.

Now you know how to change the color of Instagram chat messages, if you have any issues and have new option please comment below.


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