How to Clear Your Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

From time to time it is important to erase or delete the history of navigation in Microsoft Edge. When too much data accumulates it is quite normal for some sites to stop working properly.

Microsoft Edge is one of the best browsers currently available. For this reason, in the following guide, we will see step by step everything you must do to be able to delete the history and other browsing data from Edge. It is something extremely easy and fast to do.

Delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge

The first thing we should do is open the browser. After this, we are going to click on the menu button with three dots that is in the toolbar in the upper right corner of the screen.

A new menu is displayed and we will have to choose “Configuration”.

Here we will have to go to ” Privacy , search and services” in the left sidebar. Then we are going to go to “Clear browsing data now” and click on ” Choose what to delete “.

A small window opens with several options, in the first we will have “Time interval” where we will have to choose the time interval from which we want to delete the browsing data. Here we can choose if we want to delete the last hour, 24 hours, last 7 days, 4 weeks or forever. The ideal option would be “All the time”.

Now we will have to choose what we want to delete . We may delete browsing data, download history, cookies and other site data, images and cache files, passwords, auto-fill form data, and site permissions.

Once we have all the data that we want to delete, we will have to click on ” Clean now “.

Something that you should take into consideration is that this will also erase all the data that is synchronized in the Microsoft account , if it is connected to another device that is used with Microsoft Edge.

Once we complete the process, the only thing left to do is simply close the window and voila. In this simple way we have managed to erase all the browsing history in Edge .

As you can see, it is extremely simple. However, if you have any kind of doubt then it is best to leave it in the comments section that you can find a little further down.

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