How to Convert Microsoft OneNote Notes to PDF

We can convert the notes from OneNote to a file PDF in a fairly simple in Windows and Mac. In the following guide, we will see how we should proceed to get it.

How to save a PDF varies by platform

OneNote notebooks generally have one or more sections, each of which can contain many pages. To try to illustrate this and make it easier to understand, we leave you a graphic.

Therefore, you can save as PDF in OneNote depending on the operating system we are using. In Windows 10 we can save a page, section or the entire document as a PDF. While on Mac we will only be able to save the page where we are currently.

The steps we must follow in order to convert OneNote notes to PDF also vary depending on whether you are on Windows or Mac . So let’s get to a how we should proceed in both cases.


Convert OneNote Notes to PDF on Windows 10

We are going to start OneNote in Windows by opening the notepad that we want to convert to PDF . Once it is open, we will have to go to “File” in the upper left part of the screen.

A new menu is displayed, the only option that interests us for now is the one that says “Export”.

What we must do here is select which section of the notepad we want to export. We can choose between “Page”, “Section” or “Notebook” which would be the one we are currently working on.

In the second category we will have to choose the file format. Here we must choose “PDF” in the list of files to be able to save it in that format and then click on “Export”.

A small file explorer window opens. We will have to choose the location where we want to save it and simply click on “Save”.

Convert OneNote Notes to PDF on Mac

In the case of Mac it is also quite simple, but as we mentioned a little above we will only be able to save the page where we are. We cannot save a section or the entire notebook in one go.


Therefore, we are going to open the note that we want to save in OneNote and we will have to go to “File” in the menu bar.

A drop-down menu will appear where we will have to click on ” Save as PDF “.


We will see a small “Save As” window. We put the name of the file and then we choose its location, we click on save and that’s it.

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