How to Disable the Google Assistant Power Button on Android

There are several ways to launch Google Assistant on Android devices, especially from Android 12 when the list of options increased significantly. Generally, when we held down the power button we could see options to turn off or restart the phone, this has changed. That’s why we will see how to disable the button of ignition of the Assistant Google .

It can certainly be too annoying that every time we press and hold the power button with the intention of turning off or restarting the device, the wizard starts. Luckily, there is an option that we can use to disable the Google Assistant power button on Android.

Something we must add is that the function is generally found in phones and tablets, especially in Pixels that already come with Android 12 included. In devices that have updated to the version of the operating system, everything seems to indicate that the function is not activated.

Let me step by step through everything that we do to disable the function that opens Google Assistant with the button of ignition . Luckily this guide is too simple and quick, it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes!

Turn off the Google Assistant power button on Android


The first thing we should do is swipe down from the top once or twice until we can access Quick Settings. From here we will have to touch the settings icon to open Settings.

In the “Settings” menu we will have to look for the “System” option.

Now we will have to go to “Gestures”.

Here we are going to select the option “Power Menu” which is under everything.

In this section, all we have to do is turn off the “Wait for the assistant” switch.

Basically that would be the whole power button now going to show the traditional “Shut Down” and “Restart” options as usual. Obviously this small class of changes can be frustrating, although luckily, it is possible to reverse it easily.


In case you want to keep using the assistant, don’t worry that there are other ways to start Google Assistant on your Android device.

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