How to Find Photos of a Specific Person in Google Photos


Google Photos is a very interesting tool to store and organize your photos. All the photos you have saved can be found later depending on the date, the place where they were taken or what appears in them. But there is a function that many do not know, and that is to be able to search all the photos that you have taken with a specific person. Thus, you can easily find the images that you have taken with a specific friend in a couple of clicks.

Find photos of a specific person in Google Photos

Activate grouping by faces

For Google Photos to allow you to search for the photos of a specific person, you need to have an option called Grouping by faces active. To do this, you must enter the service app. Log in with your Google account and click on your profile picture. Later, enter Photos Settings. In the Grouping Similar Faces section, you will simply have to activate the Grouping by Faces section through the sliding button that you will find next to it.

Keep in mind that this function is not available for all countries, so if you cannot find it on your smartphone, you may not be able to use it. But if you have a Google Spain account in principle you should not have problems. It is important that you keep in mind that the more permissions you give Google, the more data it will have about you. Therefore, it is important that you weigh the pros and cons when it comes to privacy.

Label photos

The next step that we will have to do so that Google recognizes the names of our friends is to assign them labels.

When you open a photo, you can see the faces that Google Photos has recognized in it. By clicking on one of these faces, you will be able to add a name or a nickname. This will be the label that you will have put for that person in the photo application. From now on, every time Google recognizes that person in an image it will automatically appear with that tag.

Search for the person you want on Google Photos

Once you have tagged the people you want, all you have to do is enter the name you have put for the tag in the application’s search engine. In a matter of seconds, in the search results you will be able to find all the images in which the person whose name you have searched appears. In this way, locating the photos that you have taken with a specific friend will be much easier, so it is a very practical function.

The labels that we have put on the different faces can only be seen by ourselves . Not even if we share that photo with another user will be able to reach them. Therefore, it is a point in favor of privacy that will make us much more calm.

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