How to Make Funny Videos with the Best Mobile Apps

Humor is one of the best ways to become popular on a social network and gain thousands of followers. To achieve your goal you can use an app to make funny videos. By the way, you will have a good laugh with your friends.

But what are these apps? Is an app to create videos , an app to make GIFS the same as one to make funny videos? The truth is that, although they may have similar characteristics, they are not the same and each one has its own functionalities.

In this article we are going to focus on funny videos. For this, our team has investigated all the applications one by one. We tell you which are the most top for your mobile!

Without further ado, let’s get started with the analysis!

Best applications to make funny videos

If you were looking for an app to create funny videos with your mobile, you are in the perfect place. Today we bring you the best on the market for Android and iOS. Take note!


Dubsmash is becoming a viral phenomenon, adding more followers day after day. It is perfect for creating  funny videos for Instagram or WhatsApp in a few seconds. You will be the protagonist of your video. Select one of the available audios and record your video (in selfie mode) on it. Then send the funny montage to whoever you want.

You can choose from a wide variety of audio categories: humor, positivism, celebrities, cartoons, decades, animals, horror … The app also allows you to add filters and sound effects  so that you can personalize your video as you wish and make it as funny as possible .

More than 50 million downloads in 192 countries. What are you waiting for?

Funny video maker: change your face

It’s not exactly a body face swap app , but it works in a very similar way. Choose a photo of you, your friends or a famous person, put your mouth in motion and say what you want! It is very simple, since the combination of video and photo is already fun in itself. Adding sound is the icing on the cake.

Because not only does it allow you to put your voice, but it also has the option of adding music and different effects. You can make your dog, your cat, your friends or family, famous people, some part of your body talk … You can synchronize your voice with the songs, make funny Christmas clips or open a new YouTube channel dedicated to it. .

It is an exclusive and free app for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Video Star, become the star 

If you want to be the star of a music video, this is the application you were looking for. With this app you will become the star of the moment, either in a group or individually.

The app has hundreds of original effects to give the video clip more realism : flashbacks, clones of yourself, stop motion or green screen, among many others. It includes the possibility of uploading the content you have created to YouTube and sharing it.

How to make a “video star” is no secret: download, install and start testing in a super intuitive way. For Android you have to download it from Aptoide. Of course, remember that you must first allow third-party installations on your mobile to be able to do so.

LOL Movie

Creating and editing funny videos quickly and easily is possible with LOL Movie. It is an exclusive iOS app in which you can add your face and play with different effects and voices.

Whether you record yourself or if the protagonist is a friend or your pet, this app guarantees you a good time of laughter and fun. Among other things, you will have the option of turning your head upside down, sticking out your tongue, zooming in or out, or lip-syncing to your favorite song. You can even use it as the phone prank apps !

Although the free version of the app is somewhat limited, it allows you to choose between 17 different faces, 11 effects, and 4 voices. Also being able to upload music from the library. Of course, you can share your final video with your friends and upload it to the main social networks. You will have a great time!


Photos that speak. This is the iFunFace cover letter. It is an application to make fun and original videos with any of your photos. It does not matter if they are yours, your family members or your pets. You can give life to everything that has a face.

The tool has a language analysis technology that is responsible for performing the animation by itself. You just have to take a photo (or upload it from your mobile) and record an audio with what you want to say. You can also wear accessories (mustache, hat, glasses, etc.), place your face on the body of an animal or apply different voice filters.

The animations can be saved in the memory of the mobile or shared directly from the app via email, YouTube or Facebook. iFunFace is free and has optional micro- purchases to add more accessories and options for your videos. Create your stories and laugh out loud with your friends!


Do you want to parody the speech of a famous person in your own words? This is what MadLipz offers you, an app to create original videos by voice dubbing and adding subtitles .

When you open the application, you will find a wide catalog of default videos. You will be able to record your voice over it and write everything that comes to mind; the goal is to make a funny and spontaneous skit. Compete with your friends to see who is the most creative!

Also, MadLipz has social networking features It gives you the possibility to view the profiles and animations of other users, send private messages and participate in group chats. Of course, the app is free and is available on both iOS and Android.

Video Reverse

As its name in English indicates, Video Reverse is an application whose purpose is to play videos backwards. Reversing the playback order of any clip is pretty straightforward. Choose the file from your mobile library, select how fast you want it to go and add filters or music (if you feel like it).

The final result will surprise you and you will be able to make very original videos. Likewise, you can share all your creations through the main messaging services and social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp or Twitter. The Video Reverse app is exclusive to iOS and totally free.

Vine: your app to make short funny videos

Vine is one of the forerunners of social networks and applications for making funny videos. It allows you to add the effects you want, including the popular  stop motion. You can log in with your email or with your Twitter account (since this company bought Vine in 2012). It is very easy to use.

Although you can download it, it is currently in an archive state. But then what can be done in it? Well, you can still see the public profiles and the content that they have shared for years on the platform. So if you want to take a walk through the past and remember, this is your option!

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