How to Send High Resolution Photos on Facebook Messenger

Although it is less common now than a few years ago, there are still many users who use Facebook Messenger to communicate with others. But the main problem is when we want to send a photo. And it is that by sending them this way they lose part of the quality. Therefore, many users wonder how to send a photo in high resolution.

Sending high-resolution photos on Facebook Messenger, is it possible?

Maximum quality of photos in Facebook Messenger

The maximum resolution with which you can send a photo through Facebook Messenger is 960 pixels, or what we usually know as 1K. This is a resolution that can be more than enough if what we want is to simply show a friend that we are in the field or on the beach. But if our intention is that they can appreciate it in great detail, the reality is that this image quality ends up being a little insufficient for our purpose.

Interestingly, at this point we find a fairly important difference between Android and iPhone . And it is that those people who have an Apple mobile if they will be able to send images with 2K quality. The fact that this option is equated in the two major operating systems has been a user demand for a long time, but at the moment it has not been solved.

Facebook Messenger Lite

The solution to be able to send photos with a little higher resolution can be a bit striking, and is to download the Lite version of the application.

Although it may be difficult to understand, Facebook Messenger Lite allows you to send photos with 2K quality , which is comparable to the option for iPhone.

It is true that if we want to send photos with a high resolution, it is still not enough, but the reality is that the quality of the images is double that of what we can usually find for Android. Furthermore, Facebook Messenger Lite also has the advantage that it takes up less space, which will come in handy if you don’t have too much internal storage. If you want to try this possibility, you can download the light version of the application at this link:

Link by Google Drive

What if what I want is to send an image through Facebook Messenger in a much higher resolution than we are allowed to?

Well, the only viable solution is to upload the photo to a cloud storage service, such as Google Drive . Once we have it there, we can share the link to download the image through Facebook Messenger. It is a somewhat cumbersome process, but it is the only way for it at the moment.

Given that what we want to send in this case are photographs, if you have your mobile synchronized with Google Photos you can skip the step of uploading the photo. Entering the Photos app you can find the link to send it to your contacts.

Have you managed to send high resolution images through Facebook Messenger? We invite you to tell us.


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