How to Update an Xbox Wireless Controller using a PC

In order to upgrade one monitoring or remote wireless for Xbox from a PC you need to download an official application from Microsoft. The process is extremely fast and simple, we will guide you through it so that in a short time you have the latest version of the controller firmware installed.

Why is it important to update my Xbox controller?

The Xbox Series X and Series S controller also works with Windows, Apple devices, and more. Microsoft is responsible for releasing firmware updates to solve different compatibility problems with many platforms such as Steam, Apple TV, iPhone, Android, etc. In addition, they serve to improve its performance in general terms.

Update an Xbox Wireless Controller from a PC

We can even buy an Xbox wireless controller without having the console. In this way we can use it wherever we want, from a Windows PC, a Mac, iPhone, Android, etc.

It is important to keep it updated, for this we will have to download the Xbox Accessories application from the Microsoft Store.


When we finish downloading it, we will have to start the application and connect the Xbox wireless controller to the computer, but with a USB cable, we connect the cable between the LB and RB buttons, in this case we need a USB Type C cable .

After connecting it to the computer, the application that we downloaded previously will detect it. In case the firmware is not the latest, we will see a button that says ” Update required ” right at the bottom of the screen, below the image of an Xbox controller. So let’s click on it.

Now we will see a warning where he tells us that it is important that the remote is well connected and that it does not move while the update continues. It is very important that the controller is always connected and does not move to avoid interruptions. Once it is ready, we simply click on “Continue”.

The application will start downloading the latest firmware and when it is ready it will simply install it. This is an automatic process so all we have to do is wait.

When is the controller firmware installed ? We will notice, because we are going to see a green check mark over the controller photo. Now we click on “Next”.

And that would be it, as of this moment we have managed to update the Xbox Wireless Controller with the latest version of the firmware.

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