Microsoft Releases Patch KB5004945 to Fix Severe Windows Vulnerability “PrintNightmare”

A serious vulnerability called PrintNightmare has been detected that affects the Windows 10 and even Windows 7 operating systems. The vulnerability affects the Windows Print Queue service and could be used by malicious users to install programs or even view and delete user data.

The level of danger is such that it is possible to create new user accounts with all privileges, which could leave a system at the mercy of attackers. This flaw has been detected by the security firm Sangfor , which has mistakenly published a detailed guide on how to take advantage of it. The guide has already been withdrawn, but it has already been duplicated and distributed throughout the Web.

Microsoft has already released the KB5004945 patch that fixes the PrintNightmare vulnerability and urges users to update it.

Microsoft, for its part, has already released a security patch available through Windows Update to fix the program. Those of Redmond have even released a patch for Windows 7, an operating system that is no longer supported after a life of more than 12 years behind them.

Microsoft will also release updates for Windows Server 2012 and 2016 shortly.

The Windows 10 security patch has the ID: KB5004945 and can be downloaded from Windows Update.



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