5 Mobile Health Insurance Apps You Can’t Miss

Mobile health applications have revolutionized the way of managing everything related to well-being and health status. There are multiple mobile apps that help us lead a healthy life and make health care easier. Among them, there are mobile applications for Health Insurance that are highly recommended.

The mobile has long been another channel that allows insurers to be in contact with people. Mobile applications bring services related to coverage management and document processing between insurers and their clients, with the aim of making everything easier and more accessible.

But in the case of health insurers , the new mobile applications have become a service in itself that, on many occasions, offers functionalities to take better care of people’s health.

These are applications that complement the insurance protection to ensure that the user has a better quality of life, acquiring healthy habits and facilitating health care.

Today it is possible to hire cheap Health Insurance with coverage for the whole family that makes it easier to access quality health care at a good price. But having all these resources on your mobile makes it much easier to take care of yourself and lead a healthy life.

What do insurers’ health apps do?

The offer of health apps from insurers is increasing and their benefits are in full evolution. On the one hand, they are very useful tools for policyholders, since they facilitate multiple procedures such as:

  • Access to insurance data.
  • Request medical assistance and advice.
  • Carry out procedures related to the policy, such as reserving an appointment with a specialist or processing the reimbursement of the Health Insurance.
  • They allow you to locate private medical centers and nearest hospitals.

These are some of the features, but there are many more features that seek to improve people’s health . There are health insurance applications that allow you to monitor your activities and habits to make them healthier, and others that offer guides and health advice endorsed by specialists.

We can even find Health Insurance applications that are not exclusive to policyholders, but are open to anyone with a mobile phone and are free apps for everyone.

We have made a selection of the 5 Health Insurance apps . There are those focused on insurance services and also those that offer really useful features to take better and better care of yourself. Do you know them? What is the one you like?

1. The Allianz MyHealth app makes it easy to reimburse Health Insurance

The Allianz MyHealth app is a free application designed for Allianz Health Insurance policyholders. More than 100,000 downloads on Google Play place it among the most downloaded health insurance apps on the market place.

It is an application for mobile phones that aims to make life easier for the insurer’s clients, offering useful services such as the possibility of sending reimbursement requests by photographing the medical bill with the mobile phone or accessing policy documents, such as the card of affiliation.

In fact, customer feedback was taken into account in the development of the Allianz MyHealth app, with the aim of making it easier to access policy documents and the process of submitting claims .

In addition, the Allianz health app includes interesting features such as:

  • Hospital locator service using GPS technology
  • Quick access to phone numbers for emergencies
  • Access to the insurer’s helpline
  • Health translator that allows to know the generic name of brand drugs and translate medical terms in 17 languages.

2. The Sanitas Pregnancy app has everything expectant mothers need

For future mothers, Sanitas has developed a mobile app with them in mind. Sanitas Pregnancy is a practical application recommended by specialists, which brings together all the services that pregnant women need on their mobile phones.

Sanitas Embarazo is endorsed by the large number of downloads it adds on Google Play, more than 50,000, and recognitions such as the one it received from the specialized portal Babble.com , which considers it number 1 in its category.

What does the Sanitas Pregnancy App do?

The Sanitas application allows you to monitor your pregnancy in a special way. With it, future mothers can know the status of their pregnancy, with weekly information on the changes that their body is experiencing and the baby’s progress.

In addition, the app shows images based on interactive 3D models of the baby’s evolution and includes multiple applications that help you know how the baby is doing, such as:

  • contraction timer
  • kick counter
  • Weight meter so you can keep track of your weight during pregnancy

With this app, Sanitas Seguros provides  its users with medical advice, prepared by gynecologists and obstetricians, and includes a planner for visits to the doctor and an application that allows you to organize your own personalized pregnancy calendar .

As the time of delivery approaches, the mother-to-be can discover new features of the Sanitas Pregnancy App that will help her prepare for the baby’s arrival, with advice, a list of items needed for feeding, cleaning and her room, and things you should take to the hospital.

3. The DKV health app I want to take care of myself measures your healthy lifestyle index

DKV I want to take care of myself is another of the most downloaded and complete health apps. This is a DKV Seguros application that allows you to calculate the healthy lifestyle index and offers advice and applications to improve it.

This health app allows you to manage everything related to your health status from your mobile and in a personalized way. The first thing the application asks you to do is enter a series of personal data on key indicators to lead a healthy life, ranging from the quality of sleep to healthy eating, blood pressure or tobacco consumption, among others.

With this information, the app teaches you to improve your health through personalized challenges that help you consolidate healthy lifestyle habits. In addition, it allows you to consult at all times how you are taking care of yourself, accessing your permanently updated healthy life index.

What is the healthy living index

The Quiero Cuidarme application is based on the healthy life index, an indicator of the state of healthy life , which is obtained by combining the parameters entered by the user with the activity carried out.

The Healthy Life Index allows you to know if you are getting closer to adopting a healthy lifestyle, measuring 9 indicators:

  • Sleep quality: Control the quality of your sleep and how it affects your level of health.
  • Physical activity: Combat sedentary lifestyle with daily challenges.
  • Healthy eating: Help determine if we eat healthy
  • Emotional well-being: Offers alternatives that help maintain a healthy mind.
  • Body mass indicator (BMI): To detect overweight, know how to deal with it in order to lose weight.
  • If you have high cholesterol, propose an action plan to reduce heart risks
  • Glucose: Controls the glucose level
  • Blood pressure: The app helps monitor and improve your blood pressure level.
  • Tobacco consumption: The application challenges you to quit tobacco and calculates how much it improves your health.

The Quiero Cuidarme app not only offers tools to find out your health status, but it can also be connected to other smart sports devices , such as   Google fit , Fitbit and Garmin , to monitor aspects such as your heart rate or the distance you travel each day.

DKV Quiero Cuidarme is available on Android , where more than 100,000 downloads have already been counted, and there is also an app Quiero Cuidarme for iphone .

4. The iSantalucía app helps prevent health risks

Seguros Santa Lucía has several applications for different types of policies, although one of the most downloaded is theiSantalucía app, a mobile application that is open to everyone, whether or not they are a client of the insurer, and which aims topromote a of healthy life.

In addition to being able to consult the Santa Lucía Insurance medical chart , the iSantalucía app offers its users a personalized healthy life plan , with advice that can be very useful in your day to day life.  It is a personal and family health plan that allows you to keep track of medical appointments and offers an exercise guide to stay in top shape.

The Santalucía app does not neglect aspects such as food, offering guidelines for healthy eating, with interesting information on child nutrition, a calorie table, etc.

It also includes a first aid guide with video tutorials and a location service for the nearest pharmacies and hospitals, with addresses, telephone numbers, hours and how to get there.

5. AXA Health Keeper rewards your health care with discounts

Can you imagine earning discounts for your healthy habits? This is what sets the AXA Health Keeper app apart , an app for AXA customers that tracks users’ health status and rewards them for leading a healthy lifestyle.

On the one hand, the AXA health app gives direct access to a network of medical professionals and specialists with up to 60% discount. The user has at his disposal the reservation of medical consultations, physiotherapists, personal trainers, spas, medical tests, etc. just by registering in the application.

In addition, it offers free personalized attention 24 hours a day , with which the user can contact doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, personal trainers and paediatricians, and ask them questions by phone or online.

The application, available for Android and iPhone , has various functions to synchronize the tool with other health devices and monitor your activities to improve your health and fitness.

In addition, it proposes challenges for the user and rewards their efforts with more discounts and free services by accumulating Fitpoints , which the user achieves by being constant in that final goal of staying fit: walking, sleeping, running, weighing yourself, swimming, cycling… Everything taken into account to lead a healthier life.

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