Nintendo Switch OLED The New Nintendo Laptop

Neither Nintendo Switch Pro nor Nintendo Switch XL , in the end the big N has surprised us with the Nintendo Switch OLED, a minor revision of its well-known hybrid console that brings, as the main novelty, a 7-inch OLED panel.

The jump to an OLED panel brings important advantages, as many of our readers will know, and among them we can highlight:

Offers higher image quality.

Better color reproduction and deeper blacks.

It has a lower consumption. To show the black color, the pixels are turned off, directly.

There are no major changes in terms of design, beyond what is supposed to be the increase in screen size, which, as we have anticipated, rises from 6.2 inches of the original model to 7 inches in the Nintendo Switch OLED.

Nintendo Switch OLED The New Nintendo Laptop

Source: Nintendo Website

What other news does the Nintendo Switch OLED bring?

We had seen so many rumors that, the truth, we had expectations skyrocketing, and this has meant that the Nintendo Switch OLED has left us, for now, a little “cold”, in quotes because we still do not know all its characteristics. The Japanese company has confirmed that this version will bring a new support foot with adjustable support that will allow us to tilt the screen.

We also know that a Gigabit LAN port has been integrated into the dock, and that the storage capacity of the Nintendo Switch OLED has been doubled compared to the original model, which means that it has 64 GB . Both improvements are not only very successful, but they were also very necessary.

According to the Japanese giant, Nintendo Switch OLED also brings improved speakers and offers a better sound experience, but has not given details about the heart of the console, that is, about the SoC that it integrates, and has not talked about the memory. This means that we have two options, it may be that the Nintendo Switch OLED keeps the configuration of the original Nintendo Switch, that is, a Tegra X1 SoC and 4 GB of LPDDR4, or that it brings a new SoC and more memory, and that Nintendo has saved this surprise for later.

On the official Nintendo website, there is a direct reference to a “custom Tegra SoC”, which does not allow us to rule out any option, although personally, and seeing the price, I lean more in favor of the first idea.

If all goes according to plan, Nintendo Switch OLED will hit the market on October 8 with a price of $ 349, a figure that, after converting currency and applying taxes, would translate into 359 euros.


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