Qualcomm has Presented 7 new Solutions for IoT Compatible with 5G Networks and Wi-Fi 6E

Qualcomm, in addition to manufacturing processors for mobile devices , 5G modems and even processors for laptops , offers an extensive range of solutions for IoT devices that  has been expanded with 7 new solutions for all types of devices in different fields such as healthcare, logistics and transportation. or storage .

The Qualcomm QCS8250 is the company’s premium solution thanks to its Kyro 585 CPU , Qualcomm’s artificial intelligence engine and a powerful image signal processor that supports up to 7 cameras with 4K resolution at 120 FPs . In addition, it includes a new, more intuitive neural processing unit. In addition, it is compatible with Qualcomm solutions for 5G and Wi-Fi 6 networks.

The Qualcomm QCS6490 and QCM6490 solutions are designed for industrial and commercial IoT applications such as transportation or logistics management. They include 5G mmWave / Sub-6GHz connectivity and Wi-Fi 6E along with a Kyro 670 CPU .

Other solutions presented are QCS4290 and QCM4290 aimed at the mid-range . Equipped with a Kyro 260 CPU and third-generation Qualcomm IA engine, plus expanded connectivity features like cat13 LTE and Wi-Fi 6 . These solutions are ideal for security panels and cameras.

The entry-level solutions are the QCS2290 and QCM2290 that offer LTE connectivity with considerable power savings and also have support for low-power memory. These solutions incorporate a Cortex A53 CPU and are ideal for industrial handheld devices.

These solutions are already available with the exception of the QCS6490 and QCM6490 which is expected during the second half of this year.

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