Similar Apps to Mobdro The Best Alternatives Update 2021

Streaming technology has changed everything. Being able to select and send content to the TV from the comfort of the mobile has been a decisive factor for the appearance of a growing number of apps that fulfill this function. Mobdro has been one of the references, but it is not the only one. And this raises a big question for us: what are the alternatives to Mobdro?


Today we bring you the best applications similar to Mobdro of this 2021. With them you can expand your television offer and enjoy exclusive content from the screen of your mobile or television. All the tools and apps compatible with your Android devices.

In Apkregion we have always bet on entertainment, and proof of this are our posts on how to watch TV for free on iPhone or apps similar to Spotify but for free .

Today is the turn of the main alternatives to Mobdro, so we recommend that you keep reading and take note. You will love them!

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is an application that offers a free streaming content service for  channels, television series and movies. 

It has an intuitive and organized interface, where you can access the content you want very quickly. This can be viewed on the same mobile or sent to your Smart TV via Chromecast.

Its operation is similar to an antenna that captures radio frequency signals. For its part, Mobdro collects streaming content from external sources and organizes it for users. It must be clear that the official channels of the information they offer are not hosted on their servers.

Being a free application, they are not responsible for the fall or malfunction of any video or channel. You can download it from its official website:

Free alternatives to Mobdro: the best of 2021

Do you want applications similar to Mobdro? In the Google Play Store you can find a wide variety of tools whose function is very similar, so it is important to know how to select the best and also the safest. These are the ones we have tested and we recommend:

Kraken tv

Kraken TV offers an extensive and varied range of television channels with dozens of Latin American television channels. The installation of your app is simple, light, easy to use and does not require additional installations.

Its great disadvantage is that it does not offer streaming of movies or television series, but is limited to the live transmission of television channels. It is free to access and is available for Android from 4.1.


This alternative to Mobdro has caused a sensation and many have classified it as the “free Netflix”. And not only because of its name, but because of the wide catalog  of movies and series.

Its interface is organized with a new card system, where you can view and consult the information ordered by gender, latest entries added, names of directors, etc. It is very similar to Netflix in this regard.

It also allows content to be downloaded for offline playback. This is a further step in the field of free streaming applications.

TV antenna

From the outset, this app is one of the best on this list as an alternative  to streaming playback applications Antena TV stands out notably not only for its optimal, fast and efficient system, but for the great content it offers.

It provides access to free-to-air television channels, content for children, series, movies, documentaries and a wide variety of resources not normally found in other applications. It is totally free and installable on any Android device.


Without a doubt, Kodi is one of the most recommended Mobdro-like applications. Its interface has been designed to become the main multimedia player in your living room. It allows you to add content of all kinds, be it TV channels, sporting events, documentaries, movies or series, among others.

And how does Kodi work ? Mainly through addons, extensions that add extra functions to the program and that store the content to be played. These are included in the software itself or can be downloaded from third party websites.

It is important to note that Kodi does not include or supply multimedia files, but that the user is the one who must create their own television offer. Obviously, the service is not responsible for the use of addons that are illegal or that violate copyright.

Kodi is a free open source app that you can install both on your mobile or tablet and on your Android TV. And, in addition, it is one of the best Android apps for the Google Chromecast .

Plex: free streaming movies, TV, and more

Are you looking for an app to watch new movies for free? In this case, we recommend Plex, a platform that stores more than 14,000 free movies and series in streaming so that moviegoers and series fans have a completely legal alternative to Mobdro.

But this is not all you will find in their catalog. You can also enjoy documentaries, podcasts, music and up to 80 live TV channels. Likewise, Plex allows the user to create their own multimedia library and have the files on the same server (the Plex Media Server). This makes them playable from any device that has the program installed.

In short, Plex offers you the possibility to turn your main computer into a multimedia center and watch legal content in streaming for free. Of course, to play the content on your mobile without limitations you must purchase the Plex Pass.


Movies and series on demand and free. This is Crackle’s cover letter, an alternative to Mobdro with a streaming catalog full of Hollywood blockbusters and television series that have marked an era.

All content is organized into different categories (by decade, genre, theme …) and can be viewed without the need for a subscription. Some of the titles that you will find are Air Force One, Drive, Ghost Rider or Resident Evil, among many others. Of course, it goes without saying that most of them can only be seen in their original version.

On the other hand, although you do not need a subscription to enjoy all the movies or series, it is recommended if you want fewer ads or be able to resume playback from any device. Of course, registration is 100% free. One of the best app to watch series and movies in this 2021:

Cinema Box

Along the same lines as the previous one, we find Cinema Box, another app that will help you watch movies and series for free on all your devices.

The application has a very simple and intuitive interface so that you can access the title you want in a matter of seconds. To do this, you can enter the name of the movie or series in the search engine or use its menu with different categories (recently added, genre, collections, etc.)

On the other hand, the content is also mostly available in the original version. Finally, you have an option to check all the information of the movie or series in the IMDb database. In short, a simple app that does the job.

Anime center

If yours is Japanese animation, maybe you are interested in Anime Center. It is one of the best rated anime watching apps on Google Play and it works perfectly as an alternative to Mobdro.

In its catalog you will find essential titles for any otaku and fan of the genre, such as Black Cover, Boku no Hero Academia, RobiHachi, Cinderella Girls Gekijou or Captain Tsubasa. Likewise, you will be able to see all the chapters and feature films with Spanish subtitles and a  high quality resolution .

And, if that were not enough, in Anime Center you will have the possibility to share your impressions with other fans of the genre through its community or vote for your favorite anime series. And yes, the app is completely free.

Why look for apps similar to Mobdro?

Of course, Mobdro is not the only application that offers this service. And the best thing about open source apps is that they leave the door open for thousands of programmers to develop new and improved applications every day.

  • Mobdro offers a good service, but many users have reported compatibility problems with some Smart TVs due to some differences with the native operating systems of the devices.
  • Another negative point is that a good part of the information presented has presented reproduction failures. This is explained and understood because Mobdro does not produce its own content, so it does not host it on its servers.
  • Some researchers have found indications that Mobdro is not safe for the user. Among other things, the program is believed to steal the Wi-Fi password to send it to a remote server located in Indonesia controlled by hackers. This seems to cause encrypted traffic between this server and the Android device to which the user’s private files would be sent.
  • Another reason to be suspicious of Mobdro is that the software performs port checks remotely, so this action could be related to a possible malware attack.
  • It is also necessary to take into account that the immense variety of entertainment platforms has been affected by the number of legal disputes in relation to copyright, something that not even paid streaming services can prevent from affecting users.

It is a fact that in Premium services such as Netflix or HBO , a significant number of movies or television shows cannot be accessed just because they belong to rival studios or companies.

This has become one of the most common nonconformities among users: they search for a specific series or movie, but cannot find it. So it is always a good idea to explore other possibilities.

Warnings and cautions

Before downloading an alternative to Mobdro, it is important that you bear in mind that some websites or apps that promise to view free streaming content are misleading and may pose a threat to the security of the device and / or the privacy of the user.

In fact, most of the apps that we have recommended in the post can be downloaded from Google Play, but not all. In this sense, the final responsibility for downloading and installing one or the other rests solely and exclusively on the user. Even if you use an APK downloaded from one of the best alternatives to the Play Store , no one can guarantee that it is completely safe.

As a preventive measure, we suggest you do two things before installing an app similar to Mobdro: use a VPN for Android and analyze the application with a free Android antivirus . In the first case, you will make sure to browse from anonymity; in the second, you will minimize the risk of being attacked by a virus or malware.

Legal warning

This article has been written for  informational and comparative purposes.  Although it is understood that the applications presented have been developed in open source and use streaming content protected by copyright, it is not the intention of this page to promote the misuse of private property.

Therefore, the use that users can make of the free applications that have just been presented is not the responsibility of this website.


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