Spotify for Artists: What is it and How does it Work?

This new application is a platform similar to Spotify, but with special functions for artists and record labels who wish to upload songs to this tool.

Among other things, it allows you to have greater control of the music that is uploaded to the application and monitor the impact that the songs have through a statistics service.

You also get information on how fans discover the latest news. In this way, with these statistical data and the complete information, the next launches can be  planned much better .

The highlight is the artist page where you can upload photos and create a better artistic image, in which by using the Artist’s Pick function you can put a featured song at the top of the page.

Also, the artist page has a biography section for you to write your story and you can also put links to Wikipedia, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In it, you can also publish your tour dates  so that your fans are notified by email when you perform near their city or market your merchandising products.

How does Spotify pay?

Do you want to know how to upload music to Spotify and earn money? If you upload your music directly to the platform and independently, you will get a direct payment to your bank account on a monthly basis . The application offers a payment of more or less 0.0039 euro cents for each stream,  although it is a variable figure.

This amount is distributed among all those who have rights to the song, so if you have contracted the services of a discography, the money earned will be much less and they will be the ones who will receive the payment  and then pay you.

Upload your songs to Spotify: all the advantages

Spotify offers a variety of benefits to new artists who want to get noticed. Some of them are:

  • This is accomplished by distributing streaming music , one of the means used and more popular today.
  • There is no need to pay fees or commissions to intermediaries , since the files are uploaded directly to the platform.
  • You can reach more people in the world without the need for media campaigns or hiring record companies.
  • You can set the launch date and create hype .
  • The artist interface allows modifying album covers , specifying whether it is a single or full album and having a preview of the album on the platform.
  • Each month you get a detailed report of the earnings and reproductions of the singles .
  • You interact directly with the public and create your own and original image .
  • Possibility of sharing playlists on social networks like Facebook.

Upload Music to Spotify: Frequently Asked Questions

As an artist, you surely think about every detail of your career and your progress towards fame and popularity. So you’re probably asking yourself some questions about this music streaming platform for artists to get the most out of it. Here are the answers:

Is it possible to upload an entire album?

Yes, it is possible, but only through the Spotify for Artists app or through a third-party company or broker . With the standard version of the app you will not be able to upload complete albums, but only create playlists.

So, as an artist, with Spotify for Artists or with a distribution platform you can have a complete album with its cover art and the songs will have all the detailed description.

How do I verify my profile as an artist on the platform?

The procedure is very simple and fast. You must contact the platform and request access to Spotify for Artists . Once done, it is only a matter of waiting for the request to be processed and, if everything is correct, you will see a verification check next to your profile. From here, you can manage your photo, biography and everything you want.

How to manage my profile as an artist?

When you enter the platform, the home page will be your profile page , where you will find all your music, albums, etc. On that same page, the one that represents you, your fans will be able to listen to your albums, see your recommended lists, discover your latest release, buy merchandising or know where your next concert will be.

Once inside, and intuitively, you can edit and update as many times as you want your biography, your profile photo, the header, the “artist selection” and much more.

Is it harmful to artists?

You have probably heard or read that it is very stressful for artists to upload their music to Spotify. As with social media, there is an  algorithm. If you want them to listen to you, share you, have your topic appear in top lists… yes, you will have to follow the rhythm of the platform.

On the other hand, both Spotify and other streaming platforms face complaints and criticisms that  the compensation received is not fair or sufficient. So many others comment that “because of” , fewer records are sold – although, for this part, we think that it is simply an evolution of formats. If you want to read more about the criticism of Spotify for artists, take a look at this link on Wikipedia .

How much does it cost to upload a song to Spotify?

Most distributors charge a single amount after subscribing to their services. It is usually a small payment and the contract establishes that the artist keeps 100% of the proceeds from his music. In other cases, a commission is paid for each album or song that is uploaded to Spotify. Other platforms keep a small part of the profits.

The prices are very similar in all the distributors. Uploading an album usually costs between $ 20 and $ 30 , while publishing a single costs around $ 10 . Obviously, there are also free options, but these take longer to distribute and upload the music to Spotify.

Can covers be uploaded to Spotify?

Of course yes! Spotify pays for its own licenses to be able to distribute covers. Now, in order to publish a cover it is essential that you credit the original artist . It is done in the “C line” section within the album information. Also, you cannot use samples from the original song or modify the melody or lyrics.


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