5 Apps That Make You Real Busy

That our mobile phone is full of garbage since we bought it is a fact. But after two days he still has more useless things inside, too. Sometimes we think that such an app or program will help us make our mobile work better, but it is not . Although there are some apps that without root we cannot eliminate even if we do not use them, we can get rid of other applications that are useless.

Uninstall these apps before it’s too late

Optimizers like CleanMaster or similar

Whether CleanMaster is like any other application to optimize your mobile, you must get rid of it as soon as possible. At first, it may seem that it leaves our smartphone very neat and clean of garbage: nothing is further from the truth.

Reasons why you should uninstall this app :

  • They are not necessary. In fact, most of them simply clear the cache and / or data of the applications. To do this, we just have to access Settings / Applications and within the app specifically, clean what we want. As simple as that. If we want to do it with all the apps at once, do it through Settings / Storage.
  • Apart from not being useful for anything that we cannot do with the mobile itself, they use up a battery through a tube.
  • Do you know that your internal ads, apart from annoying, waste DATA?

If we haven’t convinced you yet, well, yourself!

Forget about the original app and try this light version of Facebook

We use Facebook for everything: games, chat with friends and family, gossip, view photos, share our experiences in life … and, of course, you probably have the Facebook application installed on your mobile.

Reasons why you should uninstall Facebook mobile :

  • Actually, the number one reason is because of the time it takes you up and down the wall as a tick, but hey, that’s personal.
  • It takes up too much space and cannot be installed on the SD card.
  • It still has a security breach and we have a lot of confidential information on the mobile.
  • Spend data like no other app.
  • It is slow , it is an app that does not seem to have fully adapted to the mobile format.

As an alternative, we recommend installing Facebook Lite: fast, efficient, and functional.

The Groupon App: Not Worth It

Once, discounts on Groupon were known for their great benefits, but their golden age is long over. Or at least, we think so. Much better competitors have emerged that really do offer us good discounts on things that interest us, such as:

  • Amazon and its daily deals.
  • Discounts in hotels through Booking.
  • Applications to earn money by watching trailers or downloading apps and games.
  • Websites like Atrapalo or eDreams, with offers on flights, accommodation and much more.

Yes, Groupon only takes up space and has not caught up . Perhaps, with tickets like this, the batteries will get a bit. Time to time.

Microsoft Office applications: are you really going to open a Powerpoint on your iPhone?

It is very good to feel that our mobile “is not only for playing and chatting ”, but let’s face it: if you have to start writing a document, you will not do it from your mobile, no matter how good the app is. Surely, if you receive an email with an attached file “leave it to read later better on the computer”.

Well, why have apps that take up a lot of space and battery in the background that we also don’t use?

If you really use them daily, this point does not go for you, of course .

Do you really need 4 different games on your smartphone?

Surely you have more than one game installed on your mobile. But do you play all of them? We bet not, or at least 90% of Android and iOS users don’t. Sometimes we download games that we find interesting or that we recommend, we play a couple of games and go back to the usual.

Because, after all, we are animals of habit and what we like, we like very much. Although it is embarrassing to admit, we may spend too many hours playing Candy Crush or Pokémon Go. But it is fantastic!

The only thing that, the rest that you do not use, you can uninstall. Remember that downloading them is a matter of seconds or minutes, it does not go from there.

That being said, do you think we are right? What apps do you think should be uninstalled from the phone?

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