Best Android Apps to Edit Photos With Special Effects

We all want our photos to always look impressive, no matter if we only have a few followers on social networks or if we are the marketers of a large brand …

So if you need to refine your images before publishing and you are not very skilled with Photoshop , don’t worry! On Android we have many applications designed with exactly what you are looking for to edit photos like a pro .

5 Best Android Apps to Edit Photos With Special Effects

We know that to get likes and comments on social networks it is necessary to attract attention with an interesting photo , so in this list you will surely find what you need to retouch your own images.



We started the list of the best apps to edit photos with Snapseed , an all-in-one suite that includes a wide variety of filters, effects and other functions that will help you to retouch photos in a subtle , professional way and with quite good results. You can also share your files in the cloud with services like Google Photos and Dropbox.

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Paper Camera

And if what you prefer is to give your selfies an original style, then you have to try Paper Camera , an excellent filter that will allow you to obtain pencil strokes , caricatures, sketches, noir and many more modern effects. It is compatible with both cameras, as well as an original interface with more than 15 filters .

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Adobe Photoshop Express: photos and collages

When talking about image editing, sooner or later we must mention Adobe Photoshop Express , as it is perhaps the most popular program for this type of work. In its Android version, it is a free application that allows you to improve and perfect any photo you want , using a good part of the computer options such as color balance, saturation, temperature and you can even link your Adobe account to save the projects in the cloud.

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PicsArt – Photo Studio

PicsArt is one of the favorite apps to edit images on Android , since it is very versatile both in personalizing photos and when sharing them on social networks, being able to create collages with your favorite photos in a few seconds and giving them the final touch with incredible original effects .

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Photo Lab – photo editor

And to close the list of the best Android apps to edit images we have the Photo Lab, an excellent collection of more than 900 unique filters that will help you personalize your photos with original effects, make montages like a professional , and of course, publish them directly on your social networks.

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