Best Apps to Write in Photos Update 2021

Now it is not enough to take a photo and upload it to the networks. What’s more, it is not even enough to use an app to retouch photos and then upload it. No. Now what is most popular is writing on photos with various applications .

In them we can create inspirational or motivational images , like those of landscapes with phrases, or we can create funny memes , or simply scribble  something on an image to remember that special moment, a date or a phrase.

That is why today in Apkregion we are going to bring you a series of apps to write about photos that you cannot miss: only the best, and exclusively for you.

The best APPS to put text on photos


With very original fonts, InstaQuote offers the possibility to write on images in an alternative way. This program is specially designed for the photos we upload to Instagram. With this application you will be able to say what you think through your words or the inspiring phrases that you like the most.

The app has 20 different design styles, each more attractive, and you can choose high-quality background packages, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have sufficiently original photos – although of course you can use the yours in the background.

This app is synchronized with Instagram and allows you to export your creation to your Instagram gallery or to your mobile photo album. The photo writing program has up to 50 different typefaces, so that we can choose the one that best suits what we want to convey, and lets us modify the alignment, size, position, space and color of the letter. Write on your Instagram photos!


Phonto was one of the most popular apps in the Play Store  (and it continues to be so in the middle of 2021) in terms of this topic. Its success is due in part to its great simplicity of use and in part to its original and amazing results. And it is that the writings in these photos are not like in other applications.

Phonto is one of the simplest applications to add text to your photos. We refer to simple in its use and presentation, since the application is completed with more than 400 fonts (you can install more) and you can customize the text by changing the size, color, type, stroke, shadows, the color of background …

Yes, pretty much everything you could do in Microsoft Office Word. So you can also change the perspective, tilt, or subject. And if in the middle of the process you get tired of the background, you can change the photo you are working on. The application allows you to share your artwork on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Phonto offers more than 200 different fonts, fonts to let your imagination fly: funny phrases, love phrases, dates … whatever you want. The application also allows you to install alternative fonts (in case we cannot find the one we want in the program) and allows you to customize the writing of the photos to the maximum.

As disadvantages we find that it only has four items to add: star, heart, rectangle and balloon. In addition, with very large images the application has certain bugs and closes automatically . Finally, it should be said that the Android version is much less complete than the one developed for iPhone.


Texts in images offer you the possibility to add titles, stickers (stickers), emojis (emoticons) or any type of font in the photos. The process only takes a few seconds and you can share the results on Facebook, email, Twitter or Instagram.

The app offers more than 120 different fonts to write on the photos, and you can slide them over the same image to see the possible result live. In addition, it has more than 60 emoticons for you to add to the photos along with the writings. At the same time it has up to 30 special effects to make the photo something completely personalized.

The app allows you to change sizes, colors, position and everything you want. It is very easy to use and its results are spectacular . Never before has writing over images been so easy.

Comic Strip it! 

Perfect application for lovers of comics and comics. Become the new Stan Lee or relive moments of your childhood with this app! Of course, this time we bring you an exclusive for Android users.

You can make comics or humor strips with the photographs of your choice, giving them a personal and unique touch. You will be able to use the different filters to give that comic touch to your photos , as well as to put phrases inside bubbles or to put titles on them.

The app is updated weekly and options are progressively going from the paid version to the free one. Thus, we find different frame sizes and filters from time to time. The developers plan to create the possibility of exporting to cbz format soon .


Without a doubt Apple is the queen company in terms of design and image, with which its apps were not going to be less. And if we focus on today’s topic, we find wonders like Typic. Exclusive for iPhone and iPad, this application is very intuitive to use with its large buttons and easy access to features and options with a menu to the left of each view.

It is one of the best iPhone apps, number one in 80 countries, and no wonder. It allows you to write whatever you want on your photos, being able to tell your story to everyone. In the most professional way possible. The fonts are classified into 6 categories: most used (users’ favorites), Typic’s Choice (chosen by editors), basic, script (elegant), all caps (only with capital letters), fun (the most fun and crazy ).

The app includes up to 105 different fonts, being able to control the font and space settings while we write. In addition, you can add one of the amazing 23 filters and 12 light effects that will give the masterful touch to your photo with letters.

And not only that, the photo writing app also has 500 bonus elements and 12 different frames . Customize your professional photos to the maximum!

This sophisticated app is created especially for designers and brands and allows you to customize the RGB color space and save it for your future photos. Furthermore, it supports images up to 2448 × 2448. As a negative point we could say that it occupies a space of 71MB on your device.

The application is priced at  € 4.49 in the Apple Store , and you can always purchase new options.

Font studio

We present an application to put text on your photos, available for Android. We love the results of this application, very visual and with 200 carefully chosen fonts. It is an application that many graphic designers and photographers already include among their usual work tools.

If you were wondering how to write on a photo in an original and beautiful way, one of those messages of inspiration and motivation, or those of your favorite illustrators or artists, here it is. His secret has been discovered.

Its fonts are super original and look great with any photo you have. You have more than 200 to choose from and you can combine them with stickers or stickers (more than 400), filters (more than 17), frames or other fun effects that are very attractive to the eye.

Writing on a photo in this way will give you a touch of originality over the rest , and the good thing is that you will be able to customize it to the maximum: cropping, rotating, or changing the size of the letter are basic that the app fulfills more than enough (of course, colors and shades are the order of the day).

In turn, you can create different text layers in the same image and resize to your liking, as well as modify the transparency, color and shadows of the same text.

Express yourself with the most original words!

A beautiful mess

Update 2021 : The app has been removed from the App Store.

This is an app that you will find for iPhone and that you can purchase for the modest price of € 0.99. A beautiful mess is committed to the beauty of photos and life in general. It was originally a lifestyle blog that seeks inspiration and the beauty of everyday life with tricks, DIY and recipes.

In this application to write on your photos you will find filters, frames, funny fonts and even hand drawings by Elsie and Emma, ​​the two developers of the application. Once you have your photo to your liking, you can share it by email or on your favorite social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (#ABeautifulMess).

The perfect app for those looking for an inspiring combination of text and photography.


This original tool perfectly combines the use of letters with images. With WordFoto we will be able to create photographs that will recall the ‘Pop Art’ style that fascinated the whole world in the middle of the last century.

The utility has an algorithm that automatically searches for space in the images where we can insert the sentences that we have written. The resulting photo will be made up of the words entered creating different types of effects. In addition, you can play with the color of the background, the font or cut out what interests you.

Once you have finished, you can upload your final work on Facebook or Instagram or simply save it in the memory of your mobile. Exclusive for iOS, it is priced at € 2.29. A really cheap option to create your typographic works of art.


Update 2021 : The app has been removed from the App Store.

Stickr (only available in the Apple Store) is an application that will allow you, like the rest, to add text to your favorite images . But this time, in a different way: through stickers or labels. You simply have to edit the existing stickers to your liking or create your own from scratch. Stickr is a very attractive option to edit your photos in an original and eye-catching way.

The app offers you more than 300 labels to which you can change the text, put filters or share, of course, through your favorite social networks. As cons, that it is not free (although the price is not very high) and that it occupies 121MB in the memory of the device or the card.


Now we want to recommend an exclusive Android application. We added TextGram to this great list of apps for adding text to photos for  several reasons:

  • His results mixing texts in photos are very beautiful and original.
  • It allows you to share your “works of art” directly on social networks or in instant messaging apps.
  • In addition, it allows you to add emojis to backgrounds , stickers, filters, frames and much more.
  • It has more than  50 free templates and backgrounds .

Put your creativity to the limit with one of the best rated applications in this regard. It is very easy to use, free and above all, it is updated to a new version without errors. As  a negative point , in some older devices the application closes itself and sometimes cuts the images we choose, without giving us a complete choice of the background.


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