The iPhone 13 Will Integrate a Reverse Wireless Charging System

In view of the rumors for months now, we know more and more details about what the next generation of Apple smartphones will be like, the iPhone 13 . And it is that to the previous advances on a general extension for the size of its battery , today a new rumor is added that indicates that the new smartphones will integrate larger wireless charging coils .

But what exactly does this imply? Although at the moment there is no official confirmation, the most obvious reason for this integration would be to allow the long-awaited reverse wireless charging system , a quality that has not only been demanded by users for years, but has also been one of Apple’s big differentiators versus Samsung’s line of Galaxy smartphones.

And the great utility of reverse charging is to allow users to turn our phone into a wireless charging device for someone else’s phone.


However, it’s worth mentioning that larger wireless charging coils could also improve heat management and allow for higher power , possibly leading to faster wireless charging. However, the main source of this rumor, Max Weinbach via EverythingApplePro, assures that the reason for the larger charging coils could be because the iPhone 13 will feature stronger MagSafe magnets .

Interestingly, Apple’s filings with the FCC for the current-generation iPhone show that all iPhone 12 models have the ability to wirelessly reverse charge other devices. However, Apple did not implement that feature.

On the other hand, it seems that the iPhone 13 would not be the only one to receive this improvement, as some rumors advance as Apple intends to implement this reverse wireless charging in the next generation iPad Pro expected by 2022. The largest battery inside an iPad Pro would allow the tablet to run longer while sharing its power, for example with other wireless charging compatible devices like Apple Watch or AirPods.



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