Trouble Sleeping Best Apps for Sleep Update 2021

Are you one of those people who get up several times a night? Do you have a sleep disorder that makes you blind? Do you know that gadgets cause technological insomnia? Have you tried all the sleeping techniques and you can’t? If you are one of those who look at the mobile clock every ten minutes to see “how long until the alarm clock rings” and you despair every time, we have a possible solution.

At Apkregion, what we work for our mobile applications, so without further ado: What will be the best app for sleeping?  And if you need more help, visit the website, where you will find other aids to overcome your sleeping problems.

Apps to sleep more and better

Sleep Genius, the science of sleep

If you are looking for a sleep application endorsed by experts , scientists and television shows, Sleep Genius is what you have been waiting for. It is an application for insomnia , one of the great evils of the 21st century.

And the app promises us three things: fall asleep faster, longer and more deeply.  It works directly with our brain, guides in each phase of sleep and wakes you up without suddenness.

It is not a mobile application with white sound or with sounds of waterfalls and birds. It is an application that takes the functioning of our brain very seriously and does so with neurological grounds, no pseudoscience.

Not all of us live in a cabin in the middle of the mountain nor can we wake up to the singing of birds. But hey, that’s what we have our smartphones for, don’t you think? Naturespace is an app with nature sounds that will help us not only sleep, but also meditate or concentrate for studies .

We recommend this and not another of the thousands of apps with relaxing music because this one does it with 3D surround, it allows you to immerse yourself in a distant, calm and stress-free world . It does this with live holographic microphone recordings . The sound is undoubtedly one of the most realistic that can be achieved.

Relieve tension, anxiety, stress and insomnia with an application that will take you to your corner of calm. With the free version you have 6 free tracks . The community is delighted with this free app to help them sleep.

Runtastic Sleep Better, sport and sleep

We have already mentioned Runtastic on previous occasions, as it is one of the running apps that is most successful among amateur and professional athletes. And is not for less. Well, from the same developers, Runtastic Sleep Better was born , the sleep application that is itself an intelligent alarm clock. How does it improve our ability to fall asleep?

  • Through a record of our sleep cycles , both duration and efficiency.
  • With a smart alarm clock .
  • With information on the degree of depth of our sleep.
  • Managing our good and bad habits from day to day: sports, stress, food, tobacco or alcohol.
  • Registration quality of sleep .

It has a free version that includes everything mentioned (and much more). However, if you want to expand it and sleep efficiently in full, you have the option of paying a little more. It syncs with other devices, so you will never lose your registered information. It is also compatible for tablets .

Sleep Bot, for those who snore

The snoring is one of the major problems bedtime , especially for those people who sleep in the company. In fact, it can even be grounds for divorce. However, it has a solution.

Sleep Bot allows us to record sounds while we sleep, in order to work on our snoring or apnea problem with reliable information. It is a very good tool to keep track of our sleep . Among others, these functions stand out:

  • Personalized smart alarm clock (Alarm Klock).
  • Charts with all the monitoring of our sleep: duration, schedules and patterns.
  • Personalized notes.
  • Information on health and information support.
  • Videos of how to start the day, how to go to bed and tips for better sleep.

Without a doubt one of the most worked in this field. If you have a problem, why don’t you give it a solution?

White Noise, what is white sound?

If you start to investigate a little more about solutions for insomnia, you will immediately find applications and YouTube videos with the well-known “white sound”. But do you know what it is? We explain it to you and we recommend White Noise , a free app focused on this concept.

White noise, or white noise, or white sound is a random mixture of sounds and tones of different frequencies and phases . There is a minimum, a maximum and a medium white noise, so that it is not loud – in fact, if the frequencies are high, they can disorient people. The combination of all these tones, despite being random, is constant, and used in low frequencies, it allows us to reach a mental state of relaxation.

The White Noise app generates this sound or white noise and allows:

  • Stress reduction
  • Mental and physical relaxation.
  • Increased productivity and concentration.
  • Insomnia improvement.
  • Migraine relief.

You have 40 white sounds to choose from , such as air conditioning, ocean waves, crickets, people in a room, a shower or a boat in the water, among many others. Its design is very attractive and its interface is very easy to understand, both for Android and iOS .

To relax!

Sleep as Android, how to monitor sleep on Android

If you want to control your rest hours to the second, you should try Sleep as Android . Without a doubt, it is the most popular program in this regard. You will be able to check the evolution of your sleep cycles and collect all kinds of data that will inform you of how you sleep each night. In this way, you will see if you are resting correctly, what are your moments of deepest sleep, you will detect specific problems and help you solve them.

When you already have enough information, the application itself will be able to monitor your sleep cycles and avoid interrupting them when you wake up. This way we will make sure we wake up rested and energetic.

Finally, you can see the evolution of your rest and all the statistics . You can easily share your data on social networks and it is an app compatible with different Android smartbands and smartwatch . In addition, it has different customizable alarms that will prevent you from falling asleep again and being late.


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