What Computers Can We Upgrade to Windows 11

At the end of June, Microsoft finally showed its new operating system . Windows 11 came with an assortment of new features to further enhance the user experience, being more secure, versatile and useful. With this software ahead, the big question now is what equipment can be updated for free?

As a technology partner, being clear about this answer is one of our first obligations. We are already knowing that it will not be an easy update for computers with Windows 7 , although the free update is offered for those with Windows 10. However, not everything will be worth or almost nothing, in fact.

In this sense, Microsoft has provided a series of technical specifications that computers must have to support Windows 11. They are as follows:

  1. 1 giga Hertz (GHz) or faster processor with 2 or more cores in a supported 64-bit processor or system on a chip (SoC)
  2. Memory 4 GB of RAM
  3. Storage Storage device of 64 GB or more
  4. UEFI system firmware, Supports Secure Boot
  5. TPM Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
  6. Graphics Card DirectX 12 / WDDM 2.x compatible graphics
  7. Screen> 9 ″ with HD resolution (720p)

Internet connection Windows 11 Home requires a Microsoft account and Internet connectivity

In addition, the giant is preparing an app so that the status of the PC can be checked that will be ready soon. From this tool you can verify if the requirements are met and if so, update to this latest version for free.


For their part, the vast majority of Microsoft’s allied manufacturers have already published their lists with the equipment that will directly support Windows 11. Information that is still a bit in its infancy with not too many options and for which we will have to wait until the end of the year. to see it more consolidated. Even so, we can already get an idea, with the help of ARN, of where each of the brands will go :


At the moment, there is no model that runs on the operating system, but Acer will offer it in some models of the Acer Swift 3 range that have been released from 2020 to meet the requirements.

More information | Acer with Windows 11


In the case of this manufacturer, there are several models that will support the operating system. From the Zenbook range we have the Pro 15, Flip 13 or 13 OLED. In the case of the ExpertBook there are B5 Flip or the D5 SFF. Also included in the list are the TUF Dash F15 (FX516), ROG Zephyrus M16 (GU603) and Mini PC PN51.

More information | ASUS with Windows 11


In the case of Dell, it directly offers a list of available equipment that can run on the new operating system. These include desktop models from the Alienware range or workstations from the Vostro or Precision line.

The company also has a space with additional data where it communicates that from the end of 2021 the first native computers will arrive with the latest Microsoft software.

More information | Dell with Windows 11


In the case of the old Toshiba, not many details are given about the equipment that will support the new Microsoft. The company has only published a statement where it talks, without specifying too much, about the ranges that will introduce the system: «We are excited about the arrival of Windows 11 and we want to add it to our portfolio of mobile computing solutions such as Portégé, Tecra and Satellite Pro ».


Another of Microsoft’s great partners is preparing its batch of equipment for the occasion. They will not be ready until the end of the year, but it is expected that there will be a wide catalog that includes options such as the HP Specter x360 14, HP Envy x360 15 or the HP Pavilion All-in-One. We will also see gaming models from the Omen and Victus family such as the Omen 16, Victus by HP 16 and the Omen 30L desktop. Finally, some laptops of the HP Pro and HP Elite are incorporated such as the HP Elite Dragonfly G2.

More information | HP with Windows 11


The manufacturer has not given much information about it except what we already know from Microsoft. In this case we do not know anything more about the possible teams that will enter the update, but surely there will be a few.

More information | Lenovo with Windows 11


Perhaps it has been one of the clearest when communicating that Windows 11 will not work for old computers in the house. The giant will bet everything on its new Surface range where it will fully promote its new system. When? We still don’t know but everything points to not before 2022.


We can say that we are facing one of the manufacturers that has established one of the longest lists of equipment that will support the new from Microsoft. The brand has included everything from desktops to professional All-in-One.

More information | MSI with Windows 11


It is one of the few manufacturers that has not yet said anything about Windows 11. On its page you cannot find any information about it and it has not yet published any statement or list that indicates which will be the candidates to run under this operating system.


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