Windows 11 Features We Like to See on June 24 in the New Windows?

We have already spoken several times about ” Sun Valley “, the second update of 2021 for Windows 10 that, as Microsoft has dropped, will be one of the biggest updates since its launch. However, there is no official information beyond the Insider versions that we have been able to install from the Windows test program. Luckily, we will not have to wait and speculate much more about the future of this operating system, and that is that Microsoft has just announced a conference in which it will talk about the future of Windows. And it will be this month.

Taking advantage of the Build 2021 developer conference that is taking place these days, the director of the company, Satya Nadella, has scheduled a new conference to know “what is coming to Windows”. The conference will take place on  June 24, 2021, and will do so at 11:00 ET.

The safest thing is that nothing is announced that we have not been able to see already in the insider versions of the operating system, such as the improvements in the start menu , the round corners , the new icons and other aesthetic changes that have been coming little by little. The arrival of interface applications to WSL is also positioned as another interesting novelty. But what would we really like Microsoft to announce for the future of Windows 10?

Windows 11? Windows 10 still has a lot of life ahead of it

Some media start talking about Windows 11 . That is totally untrue. Windows 10 still has many years to go. It may even be the latest version of Windows as such, receiving its improvements and updates through the semi-annual updates.

Microsoft is not going to announce a new Windows , and less when it does nothing it has made 10X disappear. What we will know will be information about the next operating system update, 21H2. What’s more, it is most likely that Microsoft shows us a schedule with the changes and news that will be coming to Windows 10 throughout this year and the next. Not all the news from “Sun Valley” will arrive with 21H2, as it will not have time.

Integration with Xbox Cloud

The line between the PC and the Xbox ecosystem is getting smaller and smaller. Therefore, it is easy for Microsoft to also take another step towards the integration of its gaming platform on PC. And the next step the company will take will be xCloud , its cloud gaming service.

For now, only select users who pay for Game Pass Ultimate can try xCloud on PC. After this conference, this feature is likely to reach all users, even if it is still in beta. We may also see changes when it comes to finding, downloading and installing games from the Microsoft Store, something that honestly needs a lot of improvement.

A “mini” Windows born from the remnants of Windows 10X

Last but not least, it is possible to see a new version of Windows designed for less powerful computers, or with ARM chips. Windows 10X was going to be this edition, but its elimination has left these types of computers in the air.

There are many computers for which Windows 10 is too big. And, therefore, Microsoft may take advantage of its series of announcements to launch a new version, or better said, edition, of Windows 10. One designed for less powerful computers, optimized for touch screens and designed to work on ARM equipment or PCs little powerful. Of course, we hope that MS will not make the mistakes of the past again and, this time, anyone can install it on their PC. Otherwise, it will fail, as 10X did.


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