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Unless you’ve been fighting aliens in orbit, you should know by now that Redmond shared some news regarding the “next edition of Windows . ” All doubts will be cleared up on June 24 with an official event, but through a leak it was confirmed that its name is Windows 11 , and the Web has received all its details with open arms, starting with the wallpapers . That’s right: If you want a sneak peek of Windows 11 wallpapers , you’ll find them here.

Oddly enough, there is a new Windows on the horizon. Windows 10 has more than five years on its shoulders already, but Microsoft confirmed that support for the Home and Pro editions will run until 2025, setting a kind of expiration date so to speak. What’s next? Beyond certain statements about Windows 10 as “the latest edition of Windows” , the most recent leaks suggest that the operating system will be named Windows 11 . Unless Microsoft is in for a surprise, there is no reason to think that the name will be changed.


And what does Windows 11 look like? It’s simple: Do you remember Windows 10X ? Microsoft decided to cancel it and transfer several of its interface optimizations to Windows 11. That means a new start menu, windows with rounded corners, updated icons, a centered taskbar, and the absence of live tiles . However, we must not lose sight of the fact that this is a development build , and that the changes are more conservative than they appear. If we must highlight a major visual modification in this operating system, it is its wallpaper pack . Thanks to the leak , today we can see what the new Windows 11 wallpapers are, and obviously, download some copies.

The new Windows 11 wallpapers

windows 11 wallpaper

Image Source TheVerge

So far, the number available is 18. The default wallpapers (which look like frozen cloth) have dark and light variants . The set called “Flow” has four clearer variants, while “Captured Motion” bets squarely on color. The other two sets are “Glow” , made up of four different colored spheres/orbs, and the last set is “Sunrise” , a clear reference to the Windows 11 code name Sun Valley .

The versions of the Windows 11 wallpapers that we are going to share here are limited to 1080p high, but the original resolution in all cases is 3840 x 2400 pixels . Personally, if you want a copy of these funds, I recommend not waiting too long. There is always the possibility that Redmond will start firing nuclear missiles in different directions, and we cannot confirm that the wallpapers are “final” either. If you like what you see, download it now.

Source & Full HD Version Verge


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